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Gimme a Beat!

Direct from the wilds of Africa, we are proud to introduce our new Wild Bunch rock-n-roll band!   No one EVER expected that this group of relative new-comers to the music scene would win when they started out on “Africa’s Got a Beat”.  Luckily, their loyal fans voted for them in droves and now they own the music charts!  Surely you’ve heard their new album, “Wild Ways and Serengeti Days“.  Their newest hit single, “Critters Gotta Rock“, made the Top 40 Chart last week!

FULL - Copy

These uber cool rock-n-rollers will bring joy and happiness to every child (or inner child) who enjoys music!

Let me take few minutes to introduce you to the band!

Elephant - Copy

Hubert, our lead singer and guitarist can out-rock anyone, anywhere!  Whether he is crooning a sweet love song or emitting a heavy metal growl, Hubert is always on key and it drives all the girls crazy!  Hubert is a sweet, mellow fellow who enjoys hanging out with the rest of the Wild Bunch band when they’re not rehearsing or performing.

Lion - Copy

Felix, our extremely talented bass player, is the reason the band is together.  He and Hubert were high school buddies who started a garage band, where they both perfected their skills, harmonizing with each other.  It’s rumored that Felix is quite the ladies’ man, but that is a another story for another day.  Felix put up a sign in the local grocery store, looking for other like-minded musicians, when they decided to pursue their dream of appearing on “Africa’s Got a Beat.”  Thus their success story began!

Monkey - Copy

Mongo isn’t very talkative.  He hides behind his shades most of the time, but boy can he beat those drums!  He was so excited when he came across Felix’s sign in the grocery store as he was hunting for a job.  Since he comes from the wrong side of the Serengeti, Felix has been helping him meet people (mostly girls who seem to be attracted to “bad boys”).  The main challenge is in keeping Mongo away from Bertha and Betty, since they’d probably be a bad influence on him.

Hippo's - Copy

Bertha (the larger sister) and Betty are twin sisters who have been singing since they were young calves, starting out in their church choir like so many other famous singers.  They were in a far off-off-off-off Broadway production of “Katz”, but we understand that the producer was not impressed with their cat-like abilities.  The girls jumped at the chance to be in the band!  And the rest, as they say, was history.

Zebra - Copy

Poor Francis!  His mother is quite upset with him.  He was a piano prodigy, having written his first song as a 5-year-old.  Julliard scooped him up into their school of classical music when he was only ten.  His musical genius is legendary; however, his social skills leave a bit to desired.  (Oh dear!  Here we go again.  Don’t listen, his mother was just telling him AGAIN, that she did not send him to Julliard to be in a Rock-n-Roll band!)  Talk about a stage mother!

If you’re interested in making your very own “Wild Bunch” wall hanging, you can purchase the pattern for the quilt and the individual block designs in our pattern shop!

Wild Bunch Band quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about the band.  Ta-ta for now and Happy Quilting!


P.S.  The Wild Bunch says to tell you, “Peace out and rock on!”

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