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Happy Huskies too!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Sharon here, back to finish introducing the rest of our “Happy Huskies”.  Here’s the link to last week’s post, in case you missed it:  “Happy Huskies!”

So let’s get started!  Are you ready to meet the rest of the gang?

Snowshoeing can be lots of fun, and fabulous exercise too.  This cute Husky loves to stride over the snow in the meadow.  What a great way to explore the wintery landscape!


Snowball fight!  We’re not going to let those other guys get us this time.  These Husky buddies are ready to face the incoming snowballs, since they built a fort to hide behind during the bombardment.

Snowball FiGHT

This Husky has dreams of competing in the Winter Olympic Games!  Speed skating or figure skating?  Doesn’t matter- she’s happiest when she has blades on her feet and ice under her blades.


Wheeeee!  Toboggan rides are such fun.  This little Husky is flying down the hill, and enjoying every second of it.  His colorful scarf flies out behind him as he zooms down the slope.


Have you ever made a snow angel?  The snow here is the perfect depth for this little Husky to make a beautiful angel in the snow!  It is a bit chilly, even for a Husky, but she’s all bundled up in her scarf and jacket so she doesn’t really mind the cold.


Let’s go sledding!  What fun to ride the sled down the hill, then trudge through the snow to the top and take another ride!  It must be a really steep hill  but that’s great!  The steeper the hill, the faster the ride!


Do you want to make a snowflake?  This pieced snowflake was made using easy quick-pieced techniques!  It looks wonderfully fresh & frosty with our “Happy Huskies”, but would be fabulous in any quilting project that you wish to make.

FLAKE copy

I’m so glad that you took the time to visit our blog today, and I hope that you enjoyed seeing the pictures of the huskies at play in the snow.  What do you think about these designs?  We’d love to read your comments.

If you like, you can purchase the “Happy Huskies” pattern right here in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

happy huskies by ms p designs usa

If you’d like to purchase individual Husky block patterns for a smaller project, you can find them right here!

Stay warm, my friends!

Happy quilting,


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