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Polar Animals, Continued

Welcome, fellow quilters!

Last week I talked about seven of our amazing animals that are featured on our “Polar” quilt.  This week I’ll talk about the rest of the group and how they are adapted to survive and thrive in their harsh environments.

The Emperor penguin is the largest of all penguin species.  They huddle together for warmth, taking turns standing at the edge of the group to block the wind for the other penguins.   Emperor penguins hold their eggs, and then the chicks, on their feet to keep them from freezing.  Parents take turns caring for the young.

Emperor Penguin Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The polar bear’s white fur helps it to blend in with its snowy environment.  Her ears and tail are quite small, which minimizes heat loss.  She has extra-wide feet to help her walk on top of the snow, as well as paddle in the water.

Polar Bear Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The beluga whale is completely white as an adult.  She doesn’t have a dorsal fin, which makes it easier for her to swim under the ice.  Her neck has seven vertebra that aren’t fused, so her head can turn in any direction.

Beluga Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The bald eagle has keen eyesight that help him find prey and avoid predators.  His feet have sharp talons to hold on to the fish or other small animals that he hunts for food.  He has powerful wings, and can fly at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

Bald Eagle Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The tundra wolf has smaller ears when compared with wolves who live in more temperate climates.  Her paws have fur on the bottom to help with insulation and traction in slippery surfaces.  The wolf’s paws stay at at temperature that is slightly cooler than the body temperature, reducing heat loss through her feet.

Tundra Wolf Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The musk ox has strong hooves to dig through the snow to find food in the winter.  His coat has two layers; the long and shaggy “guard hair” plus a shorter, insulating undercoat.  Musk ox herds protect their young and weaker members by forming shoulder-to-shoulder circles, horns out, when approached by predators.

Musk Ox Applique Block by Ms P Designs USA

The “Polar Animals” quilt has these easy appliqued snowflakes that complement the animal blocks.  You can choose to cut out the heart in the center, or add a heart in a contrasting color.  The pattern also includes instructions for two alternate ways to make the sashes between the blocks, as shown in the finished quilt photos.

Snowflake Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Thank you so much for visiting our blog today!  I hope that you enjoyed reading about these amazing animals.

If you’d like to make your very own “Polar” quilt, you can purchase the pattern here in our pattern shop!


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