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Tools, Beautiful Tools!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Do you have a handyman, carpenter, mechanic, or DIY-er in your world?  If you’re really lucky, then the answer is “Yes!”  When I was a little girl, I had a book called “My Father Can Fix Anything”.  I loved that book, and we read it a LOT!  The father in the story seemed so familiar to me. . .

My Father Can Fix Anything by Mabel Watts

And that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows him!  My Dad was (and still is) the original Mr. Fix-It!  If something needed fixing, all one needed to do was to mention it to Dad and he’d be right on it.

When Dad comes to visit, he always asks if I have a “project” for him.  I think that he’s happiest when he’s busy fixing or making something.  I’m kinda that way too, but my projects usually involve fabric and thread!  In many ways, carpentry is like quilting:  You take something that starts as a large piece, cut it up into smaller pieces (precision is important here!), and then put it all back together to make something new.  😉

 I’ve been busy making something new, and I hope that you’ll be inspired to create a special surprise for the “Mr. Fix-It” in your life.  Click here if you’d like to purchase any of these fun tool patterns!

One of the first steps for your building project will be to cut the wood to the right size.  This cute little foundation paper pieced handsaw is perfect for the job!  (Don’t worry, we’ll have a measuring tape soon, so you can “measure twice and cut once”.) 

Handsaw pattern by Ms P Designs USA

After you have the wood cut into pieces, you’ll need to put it together again.  You can use nails, with a hammer like this. . .

Hammer pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Or you can use screws instead, with the appropriate screwdriver of course!  For example, the Phillips’ head screwdriver. . .

Phillips Screwdriver pattern by Ms P Designs USA
Phillips’ Head Screwdriver

Or perhaps the standard slotted “flat head” screwdriver. . .

Standard screwdriver pattern by Ms P Designs USA
Standard Slotted Screwdriver

Or maybe you need to use some nuts and bolts instead. . .

Wrench pattern by Ms P Designs USA
Fixed Wrench

But whatever you do, check the level before you attach the pieces to each other!

Level pattern by Ms P Designs USA

And make sure that the corners are nice and square please!

Carpenter's triangle pattern by Ms P Designs USA
Carpenter’s framing triangle

Need some help  holding the pieces together just right, while you complete the project?  The C-Clamp is at your service!

Clamp pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Feeling inspired yet?  Wouldn’t these tools be great made into a snuggly quilt for your handy man to snooze under after a hard day’s work!  Or perhaps you could make a mug rug for the man cave!  Your tool-loving toddler would love to have a colorful quilt too!  All of these foundation paper pieced tool patterns are available for purchase, right here on our website.  

I haven’t completely finished with the tool designs, but this is a pretty good start and I’ve had loads of fun (and helpful suggestions) as I’ve created them to share with you.  My to-do list still has a few more tool ideas that I plan to create, so I’ll post the rest of the tool designs-to-be when I’ve made a few more.   

Can you think of any additional tools that you’d like to see added to this collection?  Please leave a comment with any suggestions that you have, because I like to have a “project” to keep me happy too.  (Yes, I’m still a Daddy’s girl!)

Happy quilting,


12 thoughts on “Tools, Beautiful Tools!

  1. Oh! These are wonderful!!! I do not have a handy man at my house, but I do happen to have my own personal technical support department…I try to be grateful, but sometimes I just want a leaky faucet fixed…

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  2. Great idea! I’m sure my dad could have fixed anything, but I don’t have strong memories of him doing so. Now, my husband, definitely! He kept everything working and fixed things he didn’t even know anything about, like my longarm when something went wrong. I miss that, among a thousand other things. =) Other tools, hmmm. I don’t suppose a roll of duct tape and a tub of spackle would do? I can’t fix anything without those. LOL My usual tools also include the nail gun, a kitchen knife, and pliers. Yes, you need pliers! My husband had socket wrenches in his toolbox, a thing for testing electricity, black tape for electric problems, and the white sealing tape for plumbing issues. I have everything … just need him back to use it all! =)

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    1. Thank you! My husband is also a good fixer-upper of things, and I help out sometimes. I’ve heard of tool kits with duct tape (for things that are moving, but shouldn’t) and WD-40 (for things that should move, but won’t) LOL! Great suggestions! I’ll get back to the drawing board soon. :o)

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