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April 2018 Block of the Month

Hi fellow quilters,

Welcome to our Block of the Month!  We’ve started a Face Book group for ayone who would like to share a picture of the project that you’ve made with your blocks, or to see the pictures from other quilters.  We’d love to have you join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM  and post your BOM photos.  If you’ve just joined us, you can catch up on previous block of the month posts on our BOM page .

April can be a challenge, some years more than others.  When I was growing up in Montana, we occasionally had snow for Easter Sunday.  I remember sloshing through the snow to church services in my pretty new Easter shoes, more than once.  I’ve since grown up and moved to Houston, and we don’t have snow in April (or most other months).  However, sometimes it rains (and rains and rains and rains!) when I’ve planned something fun to do outside.  Sometimes it rains enough to flood, which is another thing entirely.  We won’t even go there today, but you’ve probably seen the news stories from time to time.  You can’t really get out to do things when it is raining or flooded.  Good thing that I love to stay inside and quilt!

This month’s block is this pretty paper pieced Tulip Bouquet block!  I was thinking about my Mom when I designed this block, since she loves flowers.  You’d have plenty of time to make a tulip bouquet for Mother’s Day.  This lovely bouquet will bloom all year long, plus it will never need water.  I could see it used to make a pillow, lap quilt, or Spring table topper.

Tulip Basket Pieced Block by Ms P Designs USA

The 7″ square Tulip Bouquet block is more challenging than last month’s Spring Basket block, since there are several pieced sections that must have their seams match as you put the block together.  I’d say that it is suitable for an intermediate paper piecing enthusiast,  but a patient and motivated beginner could also have success with the block.

I chose to use two pretty purple blenders to make the tulips, along with a bright green blender for the leaves and center diamond, and a white on white print for the background.  I like to use bold colors in my quilting projects, but this block would also look great in more traditional reds & yellows or pastels if that is your style.  Just be sure, as always, to choose fabrics with enough contrast so you can see the design in your finished block.

The pattern is available to purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

Here’s the miniature quilt that I made using the “Tulip Bouquet” block:

Tulip Basket Miniature Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

I decided that this block really wanted to be set on point.  I added a narrow border of the deep purple blender around the tulip block, and then added a mitered frame made from the lighter purple blender and the bright green, making the quilt finish at 12″ square .  I did some straight-line quilting around the tulips, leaves, and borders.  A deep purple binding wraps it up nicely.

The pattern is available for purchase from Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Thank you for stopping by for a  visit today!  I hope that you’ll enjoy making your Tulip Bouquet paper pieced block.  If you’d like to share a picture or see the pictures of projects from other quilters, please join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM  and post your quilt photo.We love to read your comments!  Have you tried out any of the BOM patterns yet?  Your feedback would be appreciated.

Until next month- Happy quilting,