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Puppy Park!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Spring is here, and it is time to get outside and play again!  Rowdy, our Australian shepherd, loves to go for walks and play outside.  When we go to the park, he likes to play ball (or stick if we forgot to bring the ball).  If there is a squirrel, Rowdy makes sure that it gets plenty of exercise as it runs for cover in a nearby tree.  If we’re lucky, we meet up with Rowdy’s friends Lucy (the border collie) or Hector (the golden retriever) and take some time to play together.  Rowdy always checks his messages on the trees around the park as we continue on our walk.  Isn’t he handsome as he patiently awaits his next outing!

Sharon's dog Rowdy Christmas 2018

But what if a dog could do the things that people like to do at the park?  That’s the idea that sparked our “Puppy Park” quilt pattern, and today I’m going to introduce you to our cute puppy boys!  Each of these little guys is actively pursuing fun, at the park.  Enjoy!

Biking Great Dane applique pattern

Bicycling is great fun, but always wear your helmet!  This Great Dane or boxer is pedaling down the path, enjoying the breeze on this warm, sunny day.

Spaniel with balloons applique pattern

It is such fun to play with balloons! This little spaniel puppy is going to a birthday party at the park.  He hopes that there will be LOTS of puppy treats to eat!

Kite-flying chow chow applique pattern

Let’s go fly a kite!  Run fast so it will fly high!  Does this chow puppy know that he should look out for kite-eating trees?

Skateboarder English bulldog applique pattern

The English bulldog puppy is getting really good at riding on his skateboard!  Maybe he will show you the new trick that he learned today.  Safety first- always wear your helmet and pads! 

Labrador puppy with ball applique pattern

Let’s play ball!  The Labrador puppy will fetch the ball, again and again and again.  Would you mind throwing the ball please?  My arm is very tired.

French poodle with baby carriage applique pattern

“Ooo la la!”  This pretty French poodle is dressed up in her latest super-chic fashionable dress and pumps.  She’s strolling in the park with her new baby.  Isn’t he adorable!

Picnic Stafforshire terriers applique pattern

Our beautiful little girl American Staffordshire terrier thinks that he’s SO cute!  So she packed a basket with his favorite snacks and invited him to sit down and enjoy a picnic lunch at the park!  “How about a little kiss?”  He’s just not sure about this.

Chihuahua swimmer applique quilt pattern

How’s the water today?  This brave chihuahua puppy is ready to jump right in!  I hope that it isn’t too cold; the pool hasn’t been open for more than a few days.

Running Husky applique quilt pattern

This Husky (or maybe a malamute?) was born to run.  What a great way to get a workout with some fresh air!  Do you think that you could catch him?  I’m pretty sure that I can’t!

skating dachshund applique quilt block

Well, skating didn’t look so difficult, until he tried it himself!  The little dachshund puppy is standing up on the skates, but it will be a while before he can go as fast as his Dad can go.  Good thing that he’s wearing his safety gear- he really doesn’t look steady yet.

Cattle dog with flying disc applique quilt pattern

The cattledog puppy just loves his new flying disc!  Please throw it for him again.  He might bring it back to you.  Or he might just stand guard near it, while he waits for you to come and pick it up again.  

Maltese with rope applique quilt pattern

The maltese (or maybe pomeranian) puppy loves to jump!  Jumping is fun!  Jumping is great!  Jumping makes me SO tired.  Is it time to go and take another lap nap yet?

English bull terrier puppy with butterfly applique quilt pattern

The English bull terrier has met a new friend at the park.  Stand very still please!  You don’t want to frighten your new best buddy.

I hope that you enjoyed meeting our puppy boys today!  If you’d like to purchase the Puppy Park quilt pattern, you can buy it right here in Ms P’s pattern shop!

Puppy Park Boys with Balloons Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

The individual puppy block patterns are available here on our website, if you’re interested in making a smaller project.  Just imagine your favorite puppy breed on a fun tote bag or a bib for the baby!

Thanks for visiting today!

Happy quilting,


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  1. I love your pup and story of his adventures along with the blocks they inspired. So cleaver!!! Our pup is still waiting for a few vaccines before we hit the park, but I’m not sure we can handle all that excitement just yet so I am okay with that!

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