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Outdoor Cats

Have you ever wondered why your cat looks longingly outside and tries to escape whenever you open the door?  Where do they go when they finally escape?  Ms. P. Designs USA and the Great Out-of-Doors network have teamed up to solve the mystery, so keep reading to learn the secrets of the Outdoor Cat!

Outdoor Cats by Ms P Designs USA

These feisty felines are exploring the wonders of nature as any Outdoor Cat would do.  From hiking in the mountains, taking a dip in a nearby stream, or fishing for dinner, our cats are purr-fectly happy in the great out-of-doors!

This week I’ll introduce to our six boys and next week we’ll talk about the girls!  Obviously, you can turn these handsome boys into girl kitties by changing the color of their clothes.

Oliver loves spelunking!  Most cats prefer high places, but Oliver is happiest viewing stalagmites and stalactites in dark places.  Do you think he noticed his three little friends peering at him from the top of the cave?

Spelunking cat by Ms P Designs USA

Jasper enjoys stretching his legs on a brisk hike on any sunny day.  Our hiking enthusiast will take on almost any trail!

Hiking cat by Ms P Designs USA

Tigger bravely takes on the rapids in his faithful kayak.  How clever was it for the Great Out-of-Doors team to capture Tigger in action just as his fishy friend photo bombed the picture?

Kayak cat by Ms P Designs USA

Harley wishes that he could jump tall buildings in a single bound, but has never quite accomplished the whole jumping thing!  In order to get to the “top of the world” Harley puts on his climbing gear to see how long it takes to summit the peak.

Rock climber cat by Ms P Designs USA

Bandit learned the art of fishing from his father.  Daddy always said the most important part of fishing was patience.  Bandit prefers catching the fish and eating them.  I’m thinking that today he will catch and release this happy fish!

fisherman cat by Ms P Designs USA

Patches!  You do know that this is a glacier-fed stream?  Even Mr. Moose is laughing at you behind your back!  I do, however, love your inner tube.  Have fun in the cold, cold, cold water!

Swimmer cat by Ms P Designs USA

Sharon and I grew up in northwestern Montana, not far from Glacier National Park (aka Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park).  The joy of the outdoors was instilled in us by our parents.  As kids, we went camping, fishing, hiking, swimming and participated in most of the other activities that we chose for the Outdoor Cats.  In case you’re wondering, nope, I’ve never done rock climbing or zip lining.

Speaking of outdoor cats, we’d like to introduce you to our brother, Blake Passmore!    Blake is one of the coolest outdoor cats we know!  He has written a series of books about summiting the peaks in Glacier, with beautiful photographs of the scenery.  You can find Blake’s books on

Climb Glacier National Park Vol 5

Blake also takes phenomenal photographs.  Here is one of his shots.  Look closely, there is a double rainbow!  You can click on the photo to make it larger:

Blake Passmore Photography

To see more of Blake’s pictures, visit  I enjoy going to his website just to “ooohhh” and “aahhhh”, but I have to confess that the pictures make me more than a little homesick for Montana!

If you love our Outdoor Cats as much as we do, you can purchase the pattern here, in our Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Outdoor Cats by Ms P Designs USA

You can also purchase individual patterns for the Outdoor Cats, if you’re interested in a smaller project.  Click here!

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