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Outdoor Cats Too!

Hi gang!

Last week we debuted our “Outdoor Cats” pattern and featured six of the adventurous cat blocks in our post.  Not only that, but we introduced you to our little brother, Blake Passmore, the Coolest outdoor cat we know!  We hope that you enjoyed seeing his picture and took the time to visit his website to see many more of his beautiful photographs!  

Today, I will feature the other seven cats who are enjoying the great out-of-doors.

First we have Mittens and Smokey, who love to be out on the water.  They aren’t fans of being in the water, so a canoe is a perfect choice for them!  Best stay away from the rapids!

canoe cats by Ms P Designs USA

Precious spends most of her time taking photographs.  She also likes pictures of herself, taking pictures.  For some reason the other critters in the great out-of-doors enjoy photo bombing whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Mr. Bear really just wants to know what is going on!

Shutterbug cat by Ms P Designs USA

Fluffy swears that there is nothing better than eating hot dogs that have been cooked over an open fire.  Yum, yum, yummy!  Whoo do you think is spying on her?

Campfire Cook cat by Ms P Designs USA

Angel is a backpacking fiend!  She carries delicious snacks to eat along the trail, but keeps her sleeping bag handy just in case she finds a purr-fect place to stretch out and enjoy a nap in the sun.

Backpack cat by Ms P Designs USA

Sassy is the bravest kitty of them all!  Zip-lining through the trees at amazing speed gives her that shot of adrenaline that every cat needs.  This afternoon she will take a long cat nap and, hopefully, will be able to zip-line through the most beautiful sunset ever seen in the great out-of-doors!

zipline cat by Ms P Designs USA

Cupcake thought that exploring the great out-of-doors would be the perfect adventure for her.  It turns out that camping and exploring are not really her cup of tea.  She yearns for that nice sunny spot in the window of the house where she lives with her staff.

Camping cat by Ms P Designs USA

Last, but not least, is Peaches.  Bird Watching is the best activity, EVER!  No more creeping through the grass and hoping for a sneak attack, she can get up close and personal whenever she wants!

Birdwatcher cat by Ms P Designs USA

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to our Outdoor Cats.  If you would like your own out-of-doors adventure with these adorable kitties, you can get the pattern here in Ms P’s Pattern shop!

Outdoor Cats by Ms P Designs USA


If you’re interested in individual Outdoor Cat patterns, you can purchase them here

Thanks for joining us today and please leave a comment!  We love hearing from you!

Bye for now and Happy Quilting,


9 thoughts on “Outdoor Cats Too!

    1. Hi Tish,

      Thanks SO much for the comment on our “Outdoor Cats” quilt. Susan does the applique by hand; blanket stitch with two strands of floss. It is pretty amazing!


  1. I love your quilts. Wish I could draw, but I get my highs from petting fabric, pulling fabrics together for the next project, and seeing my mental picture of my quilt project coming alive.


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