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Zoom into Summer Fun!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

You’ve doubtless heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  This quote dates back to the 17th century, and it still rings true today!  Sometimes we need a break from the day to day grind, and a little vacation can be just the ticket to getting that good old energy and inspiration going again.  I’m counting down the days until summer vacation, right along with my students.

I’ve been thinking about our foundation paper pieced vehicle patterns recently!  “Why?”, you ask.  Well, because most of the designs I’ve made so far are used for WORK.   Many folks must work year-round, but we usually like to take some time in the summer to have some FUN, and play in the SUN, to relax, recharge, and refresh!  So, I decided to design a few more foundation paper pieced vehicles, and this set includes several that are designed only for fun!  Are you wearing your sunscreen and shades?  Let’s go have a look!

First on the list is our shiny new golf cart!  While I don’t play golf, my dear husband and son enjoy getting out on the links for a round of golf every once in a while.  I always opt to stay home and quilt while it is quiet around the house, but I wouldn’t mind going along if they’d just let me drive the golf cart.  It looks like such fun to drive on those little paths, all around the course.

Golf Cart paper pieced pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Susan’s grandson made a wish list for Christmas a couple years ago, and this was one of the big-ticket items on his list: a 4-wheeler or ATV!  I imagine that he had big dreams of racing around, up and down hills and around corners, kicking up a lot of dust and zooming at top speed.  Wouldn’t that be fun!  All of his friends would want to take a ride too!  Wow, what a great idea! (He’s still waiting, LOL.)

4-wheeler or ATV paper pieced pattern by Ms P Designs USA

A personal watercraft is perfect for getting out on the lake!  I’ve never ridden on one of these, but I’d guess it is similar to a speed boat, just closer to the water and much easier to manuever.  It sounds like loads of fun to zoom along with the breeze on your face, and you can stay cool even when it is really hot outside!  Hop on; I’ll take you for a quick tour around the lake.

Personal Watercraft paper pieced pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Back to work now!  The crane truck is a heavy load specialist.  The boom can extend or swivel to move heavy beams into place, so it is perfect for building bridges on the highway.  Just secure the chain to the load, and the crane truck will do ALL of the heavy lifting for you.

Crane Truck

The forklift keeps the warehouse so well organized!  It can move a big stack of boxes, and pile them on top of the other boxes.  I hope that you remembered to wear your hard hat and steel-toed boots today!  Beep, beep, beep!  We’d better move out of the way and let him get back to work.  

ForkliftI hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing our new foundation paper pieced vehicle designs today!  I sure had lots of fun designing and sewing them.  Do you have other ideas for vehicles that you’d like to see?  I’m always interested in your suggestions for future designs!

Thank you SO much for visiting us today!  We’d love to have you stop by again, real soon.

Happy quilting,


6 thoughts on “Zoom into Summer Fun!

  1. Those are all amazing! I love that you use minimal pieces, but really get a very close, crisp and clear machine. Those golf carts are fun. In Sun City, Arizona, a retirement town, lots of people zip around to the grocery store, and library, and all kinds of places in these little carts. They are licensed for the streets as well as the golf course. I bet some people using them don’t even golf! LOL

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    1. Hi Susan,

      So glad that you like our new designs! I have lots of fun figuring out how to draw them so they’re easy to make, but still recognizable. I’ve always thought that it would be fun to zip around in a golf cart, but I’ve never tried it. Some of our former neighbors live where people drive their golf carts (or boats!) to the restaurant, and I’m pretty sure that they aren’t golfing either.

      Happy quilting,


  2. Hi Sharon,
    These are SO darn cute. I can absolutely see me making a quilt using these patterns for Dominic sometime in the near future. As soon as he expresses an interest in something other than putting it in his mouth. HAHA! What do I expect at 8-months though. Love these! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne,

      Thank you! I’d bet that Dominic will be ready for his very own vehicles quilt by the time he’s two or three; that’s when my boys got really interested in trucks. ;o) Sharon

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