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Wish Upon a Star

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. 

I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight!” 

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Welcome to the Wish Upon a Star blog hop.  Thank you, Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for organizing this blog hop!  We’re going to have SO much fun visiting the blogs and doing some star-gazing.  So are you ready to visit the stars?

One of our favorite star quilts is the elephant quilt that Susan made for a special little boy.  Susan started with our classic African elephant pattern (which coincidentally is the top seller in our little shop) and enlarged him to be the center of attraction (star of the show!).  For inspiration, Susan used an adorable jelly roll from Riley Blake, along with some fabric yardage for the easy-to-piece border which highlights our elephant star!  Wouldn’t he be great for a nursery!

Elephant with stars nursery quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Mariner’s Stars are one of Sharon’s favorite quilt blocks, so it was only natural to use a foundation paper pieced Mariner’s Star on our ocean themed “Reef Explorer” quilt.  We love the way the colorful stars enhance all of the creatures of the sea!

Mariner's Star Paper Pieced Block by Ms P Designs USA

Sharon used bright red, blue, yellow, green, and orange fabrics, mixing them up to make the twelve Mariner’s Star blocks for her “Reef Explorer” quilt.

Reef Explorer Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Susan, as always, took her quilt in another direction.  She used four blocks each of Mariner’s Stars, steam punk submarines and Storm at Sea blocks (which, using her color choices, looks like yet another star).

Reef Explorer by Ms P Designs USA

storm at sea by Ms P Designs USA

Speaking of Stars, have you seen our rock-n-roll stars on the Wild Bunch quilt?  Fun star fabric is the highlight for our splendid safari singers!

Wild Bunch Band quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Of course, Christmas is the perfect occasion to pull out fabulous star blocks to offset any design!  Santa and his helpers are getting ready for Christmas.

Santa's Helpers Christmas 2017 by Ms P Designs USA

Finally, here’s a sneak peek at a starry quilt that Sharon has been creating.  In case you’re wondering about the “M”, Sharon’s quilt features her beloved Montana State University’s blue and gold school colors.  You’ll have to wait for a while to see the finished quilt, but you can see a few of the blocks today! 

Guess what!  We’re offering a giveaway for the “Wish Upon a Star” blog hop.  Update: Congratulations to Rosalind G, the winner of a copy of our “Mariner’s Star” foundation paper piecing pattern (shown below).  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!

Mariner's Star Paper Pieced Block by Ms P Designs USA

Thank you for visiting our blog!  Please make sure you visit the other bloggers that are participating in this blog hop, and remember- always wish upon a star!

Happy quilting,

Susan & Sharon

47 thoughts on “Wish Upon a Star

  1. Well, I just love all these projects, but I especially love the blocks. That Mariners Compass alone is absolutely stunning. So great to see both of you doing such fun and whimsical projects.

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  2. Good Morning! I just love the Montana U quilt, or actually the tease you are sharing with us! The mariner’s star is just the perfect addition in your Reef Explorer quilt – now that I’ve seen it I can’t imagine anything else in its place. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne! Thanks for stopping by our blog! We will be unveiling other blocks that could be used as part of a quilt similar to the MSU quilt in a couple of weeks! I’m not really a fan of paper piecing, but I did enjoy making the Mariner’s Stars. They were pretty easy, so I can’t blame my gray hair on them! LOL! Happy Wednesday to you as well and happy quilting! Susan

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  3. What a fun walk through the stars this morning on your blog…Susan and Sharon you really rock with star themed projects! That Mariner’s Star is gorgeous! Thankfully, I don’t have to choose a favorite project from all your stars because I can’t. They are all amazing! Thank you sweet ladies, for joining in the star studded fun today. :O)

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    1. Thank you, Carol! Maybe we are just star struck? We’re having fun on the blog hop and I am loving seeing what others are up to with their quilts! Happy quilting! Susan


    1. Hi Sherry! Thank you for visiting our blog! We love the ocean themed ones as well! It was hard to narrow down how many critters to draw because there are so many wonderful creatures of the sea! Thank again and happy quilting! Susan


  4. Hi Lori! I had lots of fun drawing and stitching our Wild Bunch! What you can’t see is that they all have stars on their outfits too! Thank you for visiting our blog and happy quilting! Susan


  5. I don’t care for paper piecing, but your star is still wonderful. I like both of the ocean quilts. The blue points on the first star at the top of the post are a great use of fabric design. Thanks so much for sharing everything. I would have entered for a chance at the pattern, and tried it out, but I don’t do twitter or FB. =)

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  6. Susan’s Mariner Stars are wonderful, and using 4 in the quilt makes them stand out as so special. Mariner’s Compass, that was the inspiration for my blog name, after a very dear, older friend who was in HMS, in WW2 in the Navy. I am at ” All Points of The Compass”. Cheers from a very wet and cold New Zealand.

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  7. When I saw the “M” for Montana State with the blue and gold, I thought turn that puppy upside down, add a “V” and “U” and you’ve got WVU – West VIrginia U – my alma mater. I adore all the stars. What a great display of the vast array of stars. I am a fan of stars. Someone will be happy to have the Mariner’s Star pattern. It is beautiful. Thanks for participating.

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