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Football Heroes

Hi Fellow Quilters,

I know, school is out and we aren’t thinking about football in the Fall, or are we?!  We know that there are fans out there who just can’t get enough of their favorite sport!  Today we are introducing our own roster of Football Heroes!

After several months of research, we came up with the top 10 high school and college mascots, and then we designed these “Football Heroes”, who are customizable for your favorite school’s mascot.  Just change the color of the uniform and you can make the perfect gift for that special sports enthusiast (or his/her little one).

Did you know that the number one sports mascot is an Eagle?  This buff bird can be used as an Eagle, Golden Eagle, Falcon or even a Hawk.  He will fit right in, whether you want to honor the Philadelpha Eagles, the Bowling Green Falcons, Iowa Hawks, or even the Cy-Falls Golden Eagles, the high school where Sharon teaches.

Eagle football player by Ms P Designs USA

Golden Eagle football player by Ms P Designs USA
“We Are One!”

The second most popular mascot is the Tiger!  I used some fun orange and brown fabric that we bought at the International Quilt Festival – Houston last year from a vendor who went to college at Clemson.  She wanted to make certain that we planned to design a tiger to represent her school!  Our pattern also includes appliqued stripes that you can add to his head and arms if you want an orange and black tiger.

Tiger football player by Ms P Designs USA

The third most popular mascot is the Panthers.  This pattern also works for Jaguars (33rd) and Cougars (10th).  (I know, it’s hard to see the detail on the Panther, sorry!  His face pieces are just like the ones on the cougar.

Go Bulldogs!  The fourth most popular mascot is the Bulldog and he is hoping to take his team all the way to the championship this year!

Bulldog football player by Ms P Designs USA

The fifth most popular mascot is the Wildcats.  Our Wildcat looks fiercely competitive and ready for the game to start!

Wildcat football player by Ms P Designs USA

The next mascot on our roster (7th most popular) is the Lion!  His innocent face would never convince me that he is a force to be reckoned with!

Lion football player by Ms P Designs USA

This mascot is “Dragon his feet” as the team takes the field!  (I know, bad pun, but I just couldn’t help myself!)  Actually, he can’t wait to play, because the Dragon is the 8th most popular mascot!

Dragon football player by Ms P Designs USA

Whether your team is the Stallions, Mustangs or Broncos, this handsome horse (checking in at #9 on the popularity list!) is ready to take on the fiercest of competitors!

Horse or Mustang or Bronco football player by Ms P Designs USA

Our Houston Texan’s mascot is a Bull, which happens to be the 10th most popular football mascot!  Who knew!  I’d rather be quilting than watch sports, but that is just me!

Bull football player by Ms P Designs USA

When I started drawing the mascots, I wanted to have only animals; however, the 6th most popular mascot is the Warrior (nope didn’t draw him yet).  I also ignored the Knights, Indians, Raiders, Trojans, Devils, etc.  Perhaps they will be added in the future!  I guess that I let my Norwegian heritage take the lead, and I drew the VIKING (or perhaps the Norseman)!  Isn’t he a handsome hunk!

Viking football player by Ms P Designs USA

And now, a little musical interlude, just to get you ready for some football!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our football heros today!  And don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite yet; there are more to come in the future!  If you’d like to make your a football quilt for your favorite fan, our mascot patterns (and more!) are available for purchase in our pattern shop

We would love to hear your suggestions (a mascot that you would like to see, perhaps?) and comments! 

Happy Quilting!

Susan, Ms. P. Designs USA

2 thoughts on “Football Heroes

  1. Good Morning Susan!
    SOOOOOOOOO cute! I love each and every one of them. I have to keep this in mind. Most of my peeps just graduated, but there are always more coming soon for either high school or college. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you, Roseanne!

      These are just some of the critters that I drew … I really had a difficult time deciding when it was time to quit! I currently have 18 more on the design board (or should I say that are already drawn and I need to find time to get them stitched?) that will slowly be phased into the shop. I have 4 or 5 more that I’m on the fence as to whether or not to “go there”.

      We always love hearing from you and Happy Quilting! Susan

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