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August Block of the Month

Hi fellow quilters,

Welcome to our August Block of the Month!  We’d love to have you join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM , and post your BOM photos to share with everyone.

Autumn has almost arrived, at least in some parts of the US.  I simply adore crispy fall mornings, the changing colors of the leaves, and the harvest coming in after a long summer of hard work.  Even though August is still summer, you can tell that fall will be here soon!  However, I live in Houston (sigh!).  Most years, our seasons are much like this:

Still summer

I compensate for the lack of autumn outdoors by decorating our home, indoors, with colorful autumn leaves, candles, wreaths, garlands, and (of course!) quilts.  It isn’t the same as having actual seasons, but it’s the best that I can manage here.

This month’s block is called “Tumbling Leaves”, featuring four colorful pieced leaves!  My block became a miniature quilt, but just imagine a colorful table runner or a fun set of hot pads instead.  There are a myriad of possible projects that you could make with this fun block pattern.

09 leaves compressed

I chose four pretty blenders in rich, saturated fall colors for my leaves, along with a subtle tan on white print for the background.  You could choose to make all four leaves the same color, if you prefer!  The leaves are easy to piece with half-square triangles and squares.  I’ve included instructions for my favorite quick-piecing methods with the pattern, to make it as easy as possible for you to make  your block.

The pattern is available to purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Here’s the miniature quilt that I made using the “Tumbling Leaves” block:

09 compressed

I added a narrow border of my background print, and then an even narrower border of a deep wine-colored blender.  This block told me that it wanted to be placed on point, so I listened!  The quilt corner triangles are made from additional background fabric and small squares of the prints that I used to make my leaves.  The binding repeats the wine-colored inner border.  I quilted around each leaf, and then around the borders with straight-line stitching to enhance the quilt design.

The pattern is available for purchase from Ms P’s Pattern Shop!


Thank you for stopping by for a visit today!  I hope that you’ll enjoy making your Tumbling Leaves easy pieced block.  You’re invited to join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM  and post your quilt photos, ask questions, or just chat about quilting. 

We love to read your comments here on the blog!  Have you tried out any of the BOM patterns yet?  What did you think about it?  Your feedback would be appreciated.

Until next month- Happy quilting,



3 thoughts on “August Block of the Month

  1. Hi Sharon! I think I am a bit further down your list; like to the Summer when you’ll wish for Winter stage. HAHA! I’m not saying I’m wishing for snow or anything, but definitely over the hot temperatures and humidity. Really cute quilt block and love the mini quilt as well. Happy Wednesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I live in Alabama, Sharon, and our weather is an exact replica of yours! LOL Ready for some cooler temps. It hasn’t been bad today, BUT it’s rained most of the day and that’s kept the temps down. And we need the rain, so not complaining! This is a really cute block and quilt. Thanks!!

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  3. You must be getting the storms just before they hit TN. It rained all day here, today. I love the break in the warmth, but we’ve been mild all summer, so I’m not complaining. Thanks for a lovely leafy design, and the purple inspiration!

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