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Halloween Spooktacular!

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Trick or Treat?  Who will we see this year?  Our animals are on the loose again, wearing their creative costumes and hoping to get lots of goodies on Halloween night.

Here’s our 2018 Halloween Trick or Treat quilt!

Halloween 2018 Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

I love the filmstrip borders, so decided to use them again this year.  If you missed our 2017 Halloween quilt, you can read about it on our blog post.

Here are the stars of this year’s show:

Mad Scientist Owl Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The first critter on the list is our Mad Scientist Owl!  Whooo knows what his current experiment is about, but I would guess that it has something to do with nuclear energy and the green in his hair tells me that he has been a little over-exposed!

Fariy Lamb Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Our lamb Fairy of Spring demanded that she needed sparkles!  If she was to be Queen of the Fairies and sprinkle fairy dust, she needed to look the part.  One simply cannot have too many sparkles, can one?

Dragon Bulldog Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Okay, Mr. Grumpy dog, it doesn’t look that bad!  I love your dragon head, horns and tail!  Mind if I take a few more pictures?  You’re just too cute to resist!

Frankenstein Tasmanian Devil Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Frank!!!  Quit growling at the neighborhood kids!  I just can’t figure out if you are Frankenstein or the Incredible Hulk.  Yes, I heard you, you are NOT growling at the kids, you are yelling “Happy Halloween!”

Bumblebee Panda Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Awwwww, PandaBee, I love your costume!  I know that when Ms. Sharon’s boys were small, they were both bees AND my bosses’ son was a bee, so I guess that it must be a popular costume.

To add to our crazy Halloween critters, we decided that Wonky Stars were in order this year.  I used 36 different Halloween fabrics to make the stars.  For paper piecing, I used a “paperless paper piecing” method, so they went together quickly and I had no paper to remove once they were all sewn!  Winning!  We will take a closer look quick piecing methods like paperless paper piecing in a future blog post.

Here are our fabulously fun Wonky Stars:

I fussy cut the centers of the stars so they would showcase some of our fun Halloween fabrics.  With the paperless paper piecing, it took more time to find the right fabrics than it did to piece the stars.

We hope you have enjoyed our 2018 Halloween critters!  We would love hearing what you think!  If you can’t wait to get started making your own Halloween quilt, you can purchase the pattern in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

The individual block patterns are available in our pattern shop.

Happy Quilting,


P.S.  In case you missed it, here is the post about of our 2017 Halloween quilt.  This pattern is also available for purchase in our pattern shop!

Halloween 2017 Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA

4 thoughts on “Halloween Spooktacular!

  1. I thought last year’s was cute, but this is even better! Those fussy cut star centers make the stars just perfect, and the costumes are adorable.

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  2. These little guys are adorable! I love both your Halloween quilts! SEW cute!! Can’t wait to learn more paperless paper piecing!!

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