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Hibernation Vacation Too

Hello to all our blog buddies!  Last week we talked about our new Hibernation Vacation quilt which features black bears, brown bears, bears from Asia and South America, sun bears, polar bears and even panda bears.  Today I will introduce you to all the other bears in our beary fun quilt!

She sells seashells on the seashore,

The shells she sells are seashells, I’m sure,

For if she sells seashells on the seashore,

Then I’m sure she sells sea shore shells.

Second cousin bear, once removed, loves to collect shells.  Today, she is getting a little help from a hermit crab.

Sea Shells Bear by Ms P Designs USA

Papa bear, you look so beach cool!  The surfboard looks ready to go, but are you brave enough?

Surf Board Papa Bear by Ms P Designs USA

Cousin bear is debating whether Mr. Crab wants to throw the ball back and forth or whether the game should be dodge ball!

Beach Ball Bear by Ms P Designs USA

Mr. Crab!  Shame on you!  Auntie bear has been working hard on her tan and it looks like it is really paying off!

Suntan Bear by Ms P Designs USA

There is nothing better than sailing!  The sky is blue, the water is perfect and the breeze is optimum to give Uncle bear a peaceful day at sea.

Sailor bear by Ms P Designs USA

This ruddy bear lifeguard is prepared for everything!  He could almost be a star on “Bearwatch” with his cool shades and colorful uniform!  Let’s hope that there is no one to rescue today.

Lifeguard Bear by Ms P Designs USA

Papa bear searched for the perfect cars for the beach and came across several old-style woodie cars, complete with surfboard racks!  And there’s plenty of room for a pic-a-nic basket in the back.

Woodies by Ms P Designs USA

What better way to enjoy the ocean than seeing the waves splash onto the shoreline?  We took a snail’s trail block and turned it into our perfect wave!

Waves by Ms P Designs USA

We hope you have enjoyed reading about all the new Hibernation Vacation beach bears!  I’m picturing some of them on a child’s hooded towel for the beach or in a fun beach-themed bathroom.

If you’d like to make your very own “Hibernation Vacation” quilt, the pattern is available for purchase:

Hibernation Vacation by Ms P Designs USA

“Hibernation Vacation” Quilt Pattern

This adorable 45″ by 45″ quilt pattern includes all thirteen bears, at the beach, along with their woodies and the paper pieced waves!


All of these great patterns are all available in our pattern shop!  

So what do you think about Hibernation Vacation, now that you’ve met the whole family?  Do you have a favorite vacation destination?

Happy Quilting!


Disclaimer:  Ms. P Designs USA is not responsible if you google “Bear Beach” and Google decides that you want/need to see something entirely different!  Helpful hint, don’t do it or you will experience the over-share of a lifetime!

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