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More Beautiful Tools!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Do you have a carpenter, handyman, mechanic, DIY-er, or Mr. (or Ms.) Fix-It in your life?  If you do, you’re really lucky!  Wouldn’t it be fun to make a special quilt for him (or her)?

I’ve created a set of tools that would be perfect for your project!  You can click here to read about the first few tools in our tool set.  But I just couldn’t stop creating these fun foundation paper pieced tools, so today’s post is all about the new tools that we’ve added to the tool box!

Adjustable wrench by Ms P Designs USA

The adjustable wrench is the tool to use if you have a bolt that needs to be tightened.  Just turn the worm-screw to tighten the jaws around your bolt, grab the handle, and then turn!  “Righty tighty, lefty loosy!”

Chisel by Ms P Designs USA

The chisel is useful when you have to remove a bit of wood to help things fit together, maybe when you’re installing a door knob.  Place the blade of the chisel on the wood, and then whack it with a hammer on the end of the handle.  Just be careful not to whack it too hard!

Coping Saw by Ms P Designs USA

This coping saw is great when you just can’t cope with making a complicated cut, LOL.  Use the coping saw to make a perfect cut on detailed wood pieces, like molding. The thin blade makes it easy to turn the corners smoothly.

Cordless Drill by Ms P Designs USA

If you need to make a hole for your bolt, the cordless drill is really handy!  Change the bit to match the size of hole you need, and then drill away.  It also has bits that are shaped like a screwdriver head, which is great!  The cordless drill can go everywhere!

Pipe Wrench by Ms P Designs USA

Got leaky pipes?  You’ll need a pipe wrench to get into that tiny space under the sink to tighten them.  Just don’t bump your head on the cabinet while you’re down there.  That would hurt, and you might get stuck there.

Tool Box by Ms P Designs USA

If you need to carry your tools to the job site, then you’ll want a nice roomy tool box!  This one has plenty of space for ALL of your tools, and a large label on the front so that everyone will know what’s inside.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s new in our tool box!  All of the tool patterns are available for purchase, right here.

Do you have a favorite tool?  Is something missing from our tool box?  We’d love to hear from you!

Happy quilting,



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