UFO Sightings, Volume 2

Hi Quilting Friends,

I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride with my UFO today!  I set another UFO goal this year, to finish at least one project from my somewhat vast collection of unfinished quilting endeavors each quarter.  Here’s our 2019 goal post, and here’s my UFO post from first quarter.

I still have many projects from which to choose, and here’s what I’ve done this quarter:

Project #2, 2019: The Pickle Dish Table Topper

Pickle Dish Table Topper by Sharon

This little pickle dish quilt top was such fun to piece, and surprisingly easy because the arcs were all made with foundation paper piecing!  I found the pattern in this book by Patricia Lund & Judy Pollard:Classic Quilts by Patricia Lund

So let’s venture back to the late ’90’s!  I believe that this time frame is correct, due to the 1996 publication date on my book and the style of fabrics that I used.  Once the piecing was finished, I put the quilt top aside to finish “later” since I couldn’t decide how I wanted to quilt it.  I’d pull the finished quilt top out from time to time, contemplating how I might enhance my piecing with quilting.  And then something else would come up and back into the UFO stack it went.

So why finish it now?  Inspiration arrived, at long last!  I was out at the bookstore with my husband recently, browsing the quilt magazines while waiting for him to finish up his own browsing.  I came across a picture of a pretty pickle dish topper and  I really liked the quilting that was used to finish it, AND it was machine-quilted so I knew that I wouldn’t need to struggle with hand quilting through all of those seams.  Ugh! While I usually enjoy the relaxation of hand-quilting, I detest having to deal with a ton of seams, and my hand stitching wasn’t going to show well on that printed background anyway. 

I used my even feed foot to stitch around the major shapes on the quilt top, stabilizing the parts between, and then I did a tight FMQ meander in the melons and centers.  It isn’t perfect, but I’m seeing improvement as I practice with FMQ.  It would really help if my machine had a stitch regulator, but it is an older model Bernina (also from the ’90’s) and therefore a stitch regulator is unavailable.  

Pickle Dish Close Up by Ms P Designs USA

I had never put a binding on a quilt with curved edges or inside corners, so this was a new experience for me.  Thank goodness for Google, where I found a how-to video, and then I was good to go with the inside corners.  It was actually fairly easy to do, and it didn’t take long at all to quilt and bind this little beauty.   Now it is finished and ready for its forever home!

Pickle Dish Topper by Ms P Designs USA

So what’s next on the list?  Here are my choices, so maybe you can help me pick my next project!  And now you know my dirty little secret- I like piecing more than finishing.  



The photo on the left is a wall hanging featuring a pack of wolves, made from a MacKenna Ryan pattern that I picked up at Houston International Quilt Festival many moons ago.  It needs to be layered and edge-stitch appliqued (which is also the quilting) and bound.  It won’t take long to finish once I get started on it.

The photo in the center is a pattern and fabric for a stained glass wall hanging that features a dragonfly.  I purchased the pattern long ago, along with most of the fabrics and the bias tape stuff for the “leading” between the “glass” pieces.  I’ve recently gathered the rest of the fabrics that I’ll need, but I haven’t started marking, cutting, or sewing yet.  It will be a fun project to make, and the colors would be gorgeous in our master bath.

The photo on the right is a scrappy purple & butterscotch batik king-sized quilt top, intended for our bed.  It needs to be quilted and bound.  

But wait- there’s more! 

Susan has also finished one of her UFO projects; a pillow cover that she promised to make for her sister-in-law.  Isn’t it pretty!

Cushion Cover for Michelle by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

It is my understanding that Susan coerced her sister-in-law into promising that if she made the pillow for her, then Susan would always be considered to be her “favorite sister-in-law (who is married to her only brother)!”  Yup, Susan IS silly that way!

Thanks for joining us today!  Do you have a UFO that you’d like to finish?  I’d love to hear all about it, so leave a comment here.

Happy quilting,