Oh Shoot!, Volume 3

Hi Quilting Friends,

I’m back again with my “best” photos from May and June (so far).  I’ve had a rough couple of months and haven’t been out with the camera quite as often as I would have liked.  My husband has had some serious medical issues, and so I’ve obviously been distracted from taking photos.  He seems to be doing better, and that means that we’ll be getting out more in the near future.  

I visited my back yard and Susan’s back yard to capture these pictures:

Pond Flowers by Ms P Designs USA

Blue Pickerelweed flowers, blooming in my pond.  The bees and dragonflies seem to love these pretty flowers!

Yellow Lantana by Ms P Designs USA

Yellow lantana, abloom in the back yard flower bed. The green anole lizard ran away before I could catch him in the photo.

Fresh-grown tomatoes by Ms P Designs USA

There’s nothing quite like a home-grown tomato, ripe from the vine. We need to wait a while longer for these little beauties, but the plant has lots of pretty green fruit at this stage.  We have another plant that grows little yellow cherry tomatoes, and a couple of pots filled with beautiful, fragrant basil plants.  I LOVE SUMMER!

Cardinal Brood by Ms P Designs USA

Three sweet baby cardinals in their nest at Susan’s back yard.  Susan captured this picture of the babies while they were resting between meals.  They’ve flown away now, but it was such fun to watch the parents tend them as they grew.

Carolina Wren Babies by Ms P Designs USA

These little cuties are Carolina wrens!  Susan’s granddaughter decorated this little bird house, and was quite pleased when the wren couple decided that it was a great place to raise a family.  There were four babies, and both Mom and Dad spent their “free time” hunting insects to feed them.  I’m a little surprised that nobody has their beak open in the picture, begging for food, but maybe it was nap time when Susan snapped this photo.  They’ve also left the nest at this point, and are learning how to fly and hunt.

We went to visit our son in San Antonio, just a quick one-night visit.  It was a nice, restful visit.  While we were there, we went to the Riverwalk.  Here are pictures of some of the sights!



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I hope that you’ve enjoyed our photos today!  I’m ready to get outside again, looking all around and up and down for interesting and beautiful things to photograph and share.  Please stop by again soon!  Our next blog post will have some quilt pictures, I promise.

Happy quilting,


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  1. Wonderful photos! All of them. I liked the cute baby birds. What a nice surprise to see the lantana. It’s about my favorite plant, and I don’t grow them here because they die in the cold winters. I had one come back from one winter one time, in 9 years. Sigh. In Arizona, they grow year round and will spread all over a hill or garden area, if you want. I did. =) Mine were lavender, but it doesn’t come in a color I don’t like.

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