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Meet Our Ocean Animals, Part 1

Hi Quilting Friends,

Last week we took a virtual trip to the beach and introduced you to our “Reef Buddies” and “Ocean Adventure” quilts, pictured below. 


Today we’re going offshore and under the water to meet the animals!  Are you ready?  Grab your snorkel and fins, and get ready to dive right in.  Here’s some music to help you get into the mood!


The green sea turtle is an herbivore who may travel thousands of miles during its yearly migrations.  Most sea turtles are on the endangered species list, primarily due to human activities like commercial fishing.

Green Sea Turtle Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The Blue Tang is a beautiful fish who lives among the coral in the reef.  He grazes on the algae that grow in the reef, keeping it under control so that it doesn’t overwhelm the corals.

Blue Tang Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The orca is an apex predator who hunts with a group of orcas and uses complex strategies to capture prey.  Orcas are sometimes called “killer whales”, even though they are actually members of the dolphin family.

Orca Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The puffer fish is able to inflate its body to avoid being eaten by predators.  His eyes can move independently of each other, and his skin can change color, like a chameleon.  The puffer fish releases a deadly neurotoxin when he puffs up, making him an extremely deadly snack.

Puffer Fish Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The dolphin is a very intelligent and social animal.  They live in family groups called pods, who communicate, hunt, and play together.

Bottlenose Dolphin Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The great white shark is a talented and fearsome hunter, although they rarely attack humans.  Their coloration (dark on the dorsal side and white on the ventral side) serves as camouflage and allows them to attack their prey from below.  

Great White Shark Applique by Ms P Designs USA

The sting ray is a graceful swimmer who can have a wingspan up to 20 feet across.  They have skeletons that are made of cartilage, with their gills and mouth on the bottom of their body and eyes on top.

Manta Ray Applique by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for joining us on today’s dive beneath the ocean surface!  We hope that you enjoyed seeing the animals and learning a bit more about these fascinating creatures.  Next time we’ll have a look a the rest of the marine creatures that you’ve seen on our quilts.

Happy quilting,





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  1. Oh, I love all the facts you shared about these animals! Thank you. Each of your appliques is so wonderful, but I think the blue tang is my favorite one. I always had yellow tangs in my fish tank back when, but this one is very pretty, too.


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