2019 Goals Update, Part 3

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here we are, almost to the end of the third quarter of 2019!  Whew.  Where did the time go? Here’s our 3rd quarter progress report for our 2019 Goal Post .  You can review our First Quarter and Second Quarter progress, if you missed the previous reports.

Sharon goes first today:

  • Goal #1- Organize my fabric storage area 
Cleaning the craft room

I hit this goal hard, back in June, so my fabrics & tools are currently all organized and I can find whatever I am looking for again.  It should be fairly easy to keep my space nice & neat, assuming that I return everything to its own spot whenever I’ve finished a project.  Woot woot!  Time to play with stuff I just found.  (I’m seeing an opportunity here for one of my 2020 goals. Just sayin’.)

  • Goal #2- Complete at least one UFO per quarter 
UFO 3 by Sharon@ Ms P Designs USA

I finished up this lovely wall quilt, featuring a pack of wolves. Read more about it here!

  • Goal #3- Make the garden great again 

Um.  Yeah.  Right.  You know what Robert Burns wrote about “the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men”? This.

Summer is NOT a pleasant time to be outside in Houston, unless you’re playing in the swimming pool. Sure, we have lots of sunshine and the skies are mostly clear and blue. However, the thermometer is usually well above 90 degrees (even in the morning), the average humidity in the summer months is 90% in the morning and 60% in the afternoon. Ugh. And don’t even get me started about the vicious mosquitoes & fire ants. I’m going to wait for autumn weather before I hit the garden again, thank you very much.

So, call me a lazy gardener if you wish. My focus during the summer months is to apply enough water to the plants to keep them alive, and to harvest the basil and tomatoes as they ripen. We LOVE making pizza with tomatoes & basil. I did get outside to sweep the patio a few times, just to clear off the pine needles and the remains of the pine cones that the squirrels drop there.

Fall weather will be here, eventually. I haven’t completely given up on this goal, so maybe I can get a few things done in October and November. (Fingers crossed, but I’m not making any promises. This goal may re-appear for 2020, since I haven’t finished it.)

  • Goal #4- Take some nice pictures! 

Check! Have a look at my “Oh Shoot” post from August, mostly from my vacation in Montana this summer. These will be a hard act to follow; Montana is gorgeous in the summer!

But wait!  What has Susan been doing with her 2019 goals?  Keep reading . . .

  • Goal #1: King-sized bed quilt 
Quilt in Progress by Susan from Ms P Designs USA

The top is finished and the longarm quilter has it in her queue, but I won’t have it back until December! I found the fabric to make matching pillow shams, so will work on them in my spare time.

  • Goal #2: Quilt of Valor for my favorite father-in-law 

In progress.  I’ve chosen a pattern and purchased the fabrics.  It hasn’t been on my radar lately, so this goal may just move to being a 2020 goal!

  • Goal #3: Read already! 

Okay so last quarter I talked about the Sarah Woodbury “After Cilmeri” book series and I had read 3 of the 17 books. I now have only 3 books left! I used to lie in bed and think about a million things at once, and so I found it difficult to go to sleep most nights. Now I read two or three chapters and off to dreamland I go!

  • Goal #4: Create, just for the fun of it!

I am creating lots of new things, the only downside (or is it an upside?) is that everything I create “for the fun of it” will eventually be patterns for Ms P’s Pattern Shop! It has been freeing to be able to create designs that are outside the “norm” from what we usually offer in our shop and the end result has been exciting! For example, “Blue and More Blue” as well as “Pieces of Christmas” were random ideas that I decided to create, beyond our normal 7″ block, and I thoroughly enjoyed making both of them!

Our September release was another “just for fun” project. We have been calling it “Ashley’s Stars”, named after my daughter who asked me to make her a table runner that would go with her kitchen. The bright yellow, blue and green on white table runner is hers. She wanted to be able to use it as a hotpad as well, so I put Insul-Brite inside the runner, so she can flip it over and serve a casserole or other hot dish on it. The neat thing about this pattern is that the runner goes together quickly using quick piecing methods and is quite stunning when it is finished! The pattern is available to purchase, if you’d like to make one (or two) too! They make fabulous gifts.

Ashley's Stars by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for visiting today!  Did you set any goals for 2019?  How are you progressing on them, so far?  We love to hear from you!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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  1. I love this post! It’s filled with good things, good feelings, and enjoyment of what you did this quarter. I love that you read so much! I have a hard time putting a book down before it’s finished, always have, so I can’t say that reading helps me sleep. LOL But it helps me deal with life in a more cheerful way when I take time to read. I also loved that graphic at the top – that’s pure truth! Even my 40+ son agreed that’s how he cleans, too. =)


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