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Wild Wild West, Episode 1

Howdy Quilting Friends,

So glad that you decided to mosey on over today! So come on in and set a spell, because I’m fixin’ to introduce our newly released quilt design to you.

Do you enjoy Westerns? I remember watching “Bonanza” and “The Wild Wild West” on TV when I was a kid. I enjoyed reading “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry, at least twice. And I still love “True Grit” and “McLintock” with John Wayne! Westerns are filled with adventure, the struggle for independence, a bit of romance now and then, and lots of entertainment value. Here’s a photo of our brand new “Wild Wild West” adventure:

Wild Wild West by Ms P Designs USA

In case you didn’t notice, the West has gone to the dogs (and the cats!). The blocks on this whimsical design are based upon characters that you might see in any Western television show or movie, but each is portrayed as a cat or dog! They’re all gussied up and ready to meet you today!

We’re about to introduce the cast of characters on this fun quilt, but first let’s get in the mood with a genuine cowboy tune!

And so the story begins, as our hero rides into town on his trusty mount. . .

Sheriff Dawg by Ms P Designs USA

There’s a new Sheriff in town! Gus is a real law-and-order lawman; he’s here to protect and to serve. Evil-doers, beware! You’d best just move on along to the next Frontier town, unless you want him on your tail. Gus is large and in charge.

Guitarist by Ms P Designs USA

Guillermo’s singin’ ain’t so purty, but he sure does like to sing loud! He can play a wicked Latin guitar but his favorite song is that campfire sing-a-long classic, “Camptown Ladies”. He’ll even take requests, if you promise to fill up his water bowl or give him a couple of treats.

Dance Hall Gal by Ms P Designs USA

Lorena will be the first to tell you that it takes more than a pretty face to operate a successful dance hall, and this little gal is one tough customer. Not only is she a savvy businesswoman, she keeps them durn cowboys toeing the line when they come into town fer dancin’ lessons!

Pioneer Woman by Ms P Designs USA

Clara is making the best of her time in the wagon train as she and her husband make their way to a new life in the West. She’s packed her prized possessions into their Conestoga, along with the staples that she’ll need to feed her family on the long journey West. A pioneer’s life is never easy, but there’s beauty to be found along the Oregon Trail.

Cowboy by Ms P Designs USA

Move ’em on. Head ’em up. Cut ’em out. Ride ’em in! Keep them dogies movin’! Woodrow has his work cut out for him as he helps with the big roundup. Let’s hope them steers ain’t too durn stubborn, because there’s a party in Kansas City right after pay day.

Bandit by Ms P Designs USA

“I swear, on a stack of Bibles, that I didn’t rob no durn stagecoach! I’m just holdin’ onto some durn heavy bags for my brother. Honest!” Maybe, just maybe, Bandit is in trouble. Again. His older brothers are thicker than thieves, but Bandit is just thick (headed).

Sunset Kiss by Ms P Designs USA

There’s always time for a bit of romance after the chores are finished. “Come on, darlin’. Let’s take a little stroll out to the butte after supper tonight. Just look at all them stars! Ain’t they big and bright, right here in the heart of Texas? How about a little kiss while we watch the sunset?”

And so our story ends, as our hero mounts his (or her) horse, and slowy rides off into the sunset. Until his (or her) next adventure. . .

You can find all of the Wild Wild West character patterns in Ms P’s Pattern Shop. If you’d like to purchase the quilt pattern, it is available right here!

  • Finished Size: 45″ by 45″
  • Pattern includes thirteen unique applique patterns
  • AND the “Indian Blanket” pieced block
  • Just $20 USD
Wild Wild West by Ms P Designs USA

We’ll be rounding up the rest of the gang next week! Y’all come on back, ya hear?

Happy quilting,


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  1. Oh, yes, and “Rawhide!” and “Gunsmoke!” Miss Kitty and Marshall Dillon! I always had a soft spot for Chester, too. These blocks are all as cute as the part 2 characters.


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