Thankful Post

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re taking a break from writing about quilting today to contemplate the people and things for which we’re grateful. We both like lists, so here are our “Grateful Eight Lists”!

Sharon is thankful for:
  • My husband, who takes good care of me
  • Our sons, who are both grown, happy, and gainfully employed
  • Extended family & friends, near and far, who are so dear to me
  • Rowdy, always Rowdy, my personal trainer and photobomber, and our grand-dogger, Naomi
  • My health, so I can do the things that I really want to do (and some of the things that I’d rather not do)
  • An entire WEEK off from work! (I know, right? Woot, woot!), as well as the 119 best students in our entire school
  • My ‘Nina! (OK, I know that we’re taking a break from writing about quilting but ‘Nina is very special.)
  • Pie! Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate pie, cherry pie, peach pie, oh my! I love pie!
Susan is thankful for:
  • My husband, kids and grandkids who are all such blessings to me
  • Waking up each morning, happy for a new day
  • My two dogs, who are always enthusiastic when they see me
  • My job which includes many people who are so very special to me
  • My parents and siblings who all enjoy good health
  • My second job, Ms P Designs, that allows me to bring out my creative side
  • Having lots of fabric to play with as I create
  • I’m sure there are other things … For now, I am thankful that life has given me more lemonade than lemons!

We hope that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!  We hope that you’ll spend your Thanksgiving creating special memories with friends & family, and doing whatever brings you happiness!  Thank you for stopping by today!

Sharon and Susan

Ms. P. Designs USA

2 thoughts on “Thankful Post

  1. Ha, ha, love the funny at the bottom. I got up from the table and told the boys the rest was theirs to deal with. LOL Your lists are great, and mine would follow along similar lines, but no dogs live here. Cats (beautiful Russian blue/Manx mix cats) live in the basement apartment with my son, but no other animals. Happy Thanksgiving!

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