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12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

Hi Quilting Friends!

Welcome to the 12th and final day of our “12 Days of Christmas” series! We hope that you’ve enjoyed the projects that we’ve shared.

Since we’ve been hosting an “Ugly Sweater Contest” for the animals during this event, we thought that it might be fun to take a vote and choose a winner! We’ll announce the contest winner on Saturday, December 15.

And, to sweeten the deal, we’ll draw from all qualifying entries and the winning voter will receive a free copy of the entire “Ugly Sweater Contest” pattern set, valued at $18.50 USD. Entries must be completed by midnight CST on Thursday, December 13. Winner will be notified by email on December 14. Yay!

Here are the contestants, in case you’ve forgotten:

If you’d like to purchase any (or all!) of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” applique patterns, please visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

In our experience, any time there’s an ugly sweater contest, there’s also a festive party going on! We’re SO glad that you’ve decided to come to our party today! What do you need for a great party, besides guests? A festive atmosphere! Beautiful decorations! Upbeat music! Drinks for the thirsty guests! And, of course, Great food!

Are you ready to par-tay? So cue the music:

Today I’m going to share a delicious recipe for a fun party appetizer. My niece, Ashley, made this great “Pizza Dip” appetizer last year for my surprise birthday party. It was a huge hit with all of the guests, and so I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.

Christmas party Pizza Dip by Ms P Designs USA

Click on the image below to get a downloadable file with the pizza dip recipe and instructions!

Appetizer recipe from Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Here, have a taste! It’s deeeee-licious!

Tasty pizza dip by Ms P Designs USA

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our “12 Days of Christmas” blog series. We’ve had loads of fun planning and preparing, and we’re so glad that you’ve been here with us to celebrate the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Quilting,

Sharon & Susan

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

  1. Well, I have a daughter who probably would wear the Beaver Ugly Sweater in a heartbeat….but I think even her ummmm, interesting, style would be hard pressed to wear the Moose Ugly Sweater….so I guess my vote for the ugliest Ugly sweater would be Mr. Moose. Sorry guy, but it’s really wild! 🙂


  2. I think the Moose Ugly Sweater is the ugliest. It is more colorful that I would care to wear! But very creative and cute ugly sweater blocks. I love the idea.


  3. The beaver is the ugliest. The fox is the cutest! This was great fun! Thanks so much for hosting it. Great ideas & creativeness, to say nothing of incentives.


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