My Not-So-Secret Addiction

Hi Quilting Friends,

As you may recall, we’re participating in the “#31DaysofBloggingChallenge” this year! Today’s prompt is “show us your fabric”, so here we go!

Fabric stash storage by Sharon Ms P Designs USA

I spent a significant amount of time in June with moving my fabric from a small linen closet into the larger guest room closet. It is currently (somewhat) organized by size and color. Larger cuts are folded on shelves on one side of my closet. Scraps and cuts that are less than 1/4 yard are tossed into the drawers that you see in the photo above.

I’m still not completely happy with this system. Even though it is a HUGE improvement over my previous “throw it in the pile” system, I still spend more time than I’d like to spend looking for a specific piece of fabric. I’ve decided to begin making itty bitty fabric bolts with my larger cuts that are up to 1 yard long. I bought some cardboard comic book backers, some double-sided tape, and some quilting pins. Here’s how it looks so far:

Sharon's fabric stash @ Ms P Designs USA

I like it! I can see all of my fabric at a glance, and the smaller pieces won’t be able to hide out at the back of the shelf now!

What you see here is most of my pink & red fabrics. I’ll be moving on to the orange and yellow next, following the ROYGBIV model. (Yes, I’m still a science teacher!) It is going to take quite a while to finish up the bolts for the rest of my collection, so I’ll keep at it until I’m done. I promise to shoot another picture to share with you when I’m all finished.

Hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend! I plan to do some chores and wrap up my Christmas decorating this weekend. How about you?

Happy quliting,


4 thoughts on “My Not-So-Secret Addiction

  1. Well today we are going to two different adoption sites that we have applications for. Dec 4th we had to put down our 13 year old kitty. Sad Sad day indeed. But our house is too quiet. We need to give another kitty a chance at love. Actually we are thinking siblings for companionship. I grew up with kittens/cats. I too will be finishing my wrapping for christmas. Everything else is almost done. At my sisters house we get gifts for our children and their spouses for a game we play every year. They are now in their early twenties. So shopping for a gift that they will all like is challenging now. One person holds a stop watch, usually my husband, when he says go, that person has to put on the santa hat and oven mitts, grab a gift and try unwrapping it within 30 seconds. If they do that gift is theirs. If not it passes to the next person. They have a lot of fun with this. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Put some christmas music on and let Gods spirit move in you. Blessings.


    1. We adopted sibling Russian Blue/Manx cats, and they are wonderful. As kittens, they egg each other on in funny ways, as adults (they’re 4 now), they have developed distinct personalities and are still fun.

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  2. Trees are up and the gifts are underneath! That’s about all I have the energy for. I hope you find the perfect kitty companions!!! I love adopting dogs and cats…it is hard to go to the shelter and not fall in love with way too many of them!!!


  3. I have not started decorating, but this is no different than any other year. LOL Thank you for all the fun things you’ve posted this year, and for a peek at your fabric collection. I am never satisfied with my organization, even when it’s actually organized!

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