Why Do I Sew?

Hi Quilting Friends,

As you may recall, we’re participating in the “#31DaysofBloggingChallenge” this year! Today’s prompt is “Why Do I Sew”! Hmmmm. . . Here are several of my reasons, not in any particular order:

I sew to keep myself busy. Grandma used to say that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, so I have never learned to just sit still and do nothing for very long. (Well, except during church. If I was too wiggly there, I got into trouble with Mom.) I started sewing when I was about 5 years old, an embroidered bib for my new baby brother, and I’ve kept at it since then. My husband continually tells me to “just relax”, but I’m really not very good at it. I have to keep my hands & mind occupied with a task during my waking hours.

I sew to provide myself with a creative outlet. Opportunities for creativity exist at work, but only within the limitations of the curriculum that I teach. Sewing allows me to create just for fun! I love playing with the colors and patterns of the fabric. Pattern design has provided yet another way to stretch my creativity.

I sew to show my love for my family and friends. I’m sure that I could just go to the stores (or shop online) and find something great for each of the people on my gift list, but I love making special handmade gifts. Each stitch is made with love, and the quilts (and table runners, pajama pants, shirts, bags, pillow cases, etc.) that I make are meant to wrap the recipient up with love.

Why do YOU sew?

Hope that you’re having a wonderful week! We’re about to start semester exams, and school will be out on Friday at mid-day . I am SO ready for Christmas break, and so are the kids. How about you?

Happy quliting,


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  1. Right now, sewing is a piece of normal for me. I’ve been living with and caring for my 98 year old father for 4 years. I’m 750 miles from my home, husband, longarm business and horse. Nothing here is like home and I really miss home. Sewing is the only thing I can do here that I do there, so I sew to have a little piece of normal.

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