My Favorite “Sewlebrity”

Hi Quilting Friends,

As you may recall, we’re participating in the “#31DaysofBloggingChallenge” this year! Today’s prompt is Favorite “sewlebrity”! Since I work full time, I really am not a person that pays a whole lot of attention to “sewlebrity” in the sewing world (or anywhere else for that matter!). My first quilt was finished in 1979 and I enjoy figuring out the “next step” on my own.

I am driven more towards fabrics and colorways. That being said, I was thrilled to meet Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler, “The Whole County Caboodle” design team from Nashua, Iowa at Quilt Festival Houston this year! They are an amazing mother/daughter team who create fabric lines for Henry Glass. One thing that I really love about their fabrics is that they intermix from one collection to the next. My favorite collection, released in November this year, is “Whirly-Gig Magic” which features a cute dragon as its theme and wonderful fabrics that coordinate with them.

If anyone should be a “sewlebrity” it would be our Mom! She started Sharon and me sewing at very young ages (we both have been sewing 55+ years). I don’t really remember when I first held a needle … it just feels like I have sewn my entire life! Mom patiently showed us how to thread a sewing machine, best practices to use when sewing clothes and when we got frustrated to the point that we would throw our current project into a corner instead of tearing out stitches, she would swoop in and save the day. Not only did she remove the offending stitches, but she would coach us to get us back on track with our projects. My hero!

Mom, you are my #1 Sewlebrity!

Happy quilting!