If I could sew with …

Hi Quilting Pals,

Sharon and I are participating in the #31dayblogchallenge2019 with and today’s topic is “If I could sew with …”.

I think that my choice of sewing companion would be my Grandma Passmore. If I could sew with her again, I would thank her for teaching me to embroider. She never looked at the front of my work until the back was thoroughly inspected to ensure that I was not sloppy as I was working my design. I think that I was 10 or 11 when she announced that she wouldn’t be embroidering ever again because I had mastered the technique.

Grandma was much more than just my embroidery coach, she was a weaver who carded, spun and dyed her own wool. I would love to have her teach me what she used when she was dying the wool. I recall that she used beets, onions and many other natural items to do her dying (sometimes she used indigo that a friend of hers from India would send to her), but I really don’t know. Just to pick her brain for one afternoon would be amazing!

I can picture us enjoying a cup of tea and her telling me about her world travels as well as stories about her childhood. I haven’t forgotten my notebook at home (for a change) and after we have visited, I would have copious notes from our conversation which will always keep her close even though she passed away many years ago. Looking back, I could have learned so much from her but as a busy child, I just didn’t make the time.

Happy quilting!


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  1. You certainly had a special grandmother. Don’t we all wish we had listened to their stories more closely and taken notes? So, is it time to make a video/DVD of our lives with nuggets of wisdom to pass on to our grandchildren, or should we just write them a book?

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  2. I love that you chose family. My first thought was a current quilt celeb, but family would be much more special! My grandma wasn’t a quilted, but my great-aunt was. I have a top and some partials that she made, I’d love to know how she had planned to quilt them and whether one was supposed to be my wedding gift. On the other side the only quilter I know of is my second or third great grandmother. There’s a quilt family legend says she made on wagon train west, but then they turned around to return to PA. I’d love to find out more details about it.

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