January PHD Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

One of my personal goals for 2020 is to participate in the online quilting community, and so I’ve chosen to work on my PHD in 2020 with Gail at QuiltingGail!

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my mid-January post!

Project #3: Lazy Log Cabin Blocks

I’ve been stitching blocks! It takes a while to make 70 of them. My day job really cuts into my play time, but that’s expected. They’re all done, and ready to become a quilt top.

Project #8: Finish the Under Construction Quilt

I’ve calculated the length of the roads for my borders, and I’ve pieced the corners and made the block for the center of the quilt! I plan to make the vehicle blocks in February, so stay tuned.

Project #9: Make “Goose Trails” table runner for Christmas
Goose Trails TR by Ms P Designs USA

My fabric has been selected! No cutting or sewing yet, but I’m ready to go when there’s a little time to play.

Christmas Goose Trails Fabric Pull by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
New project starts

I’ve started (and finished!) a pillow cover for the “Color It Red” blog hop, coming in February. No photos today; it’s a secret until the blog hop.

I’ve also joined the “Scrap Snap” Quilt Along at Quilts for the Making. My plan is to stitch up a set of ten blocks each month, using scraps from my bountiful scrap bin! The finished project will be a beautiful throw quilt. I’ve finished two sets of blocks, so far, and so I’m a little ahead of schedule at this stage. The Quilt Along runs through December, and I’m hoping to make a good dent in my scrap accumulation. Here’s a picture of some of my blocks:

Scrap Snap Quilt Along Blocks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve updated the PHD spreadsheet for 2020:

And here’s a picture of my updated task list for 2020’s PHD list!

PHD Task List January by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

If you’d like to personalize the task list spreadsheet for your own projects, here’s a downloadable template that you can use!

Happy quilting,


And here’s me, linking up to the PHD linky party at QuiltingGail!

9 thoughts on “January PHD Update

  1. I downloaded this Ph.D. UFO Organizer by Sharon. I have over 25 Ph.D.’s going back a lot of years. It might take me more than just 2020 to get them done . January was bust for me due to health reasons. Hoping I have a better February.

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    1. Hi Wendy! I hope that the UFO organizer will help you with progress on your PHD projects. I’ve found that it helps me to break down the projects into tasks, and then it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming. Here’s hoping that you’ll have a fabulous February! :o) Sharon


  2. You made plenty of progress in January! I like all your projects, too, and learned about a new one, so this was a good read for me. =) Thanks so much for the excel sheet. I’m not doing the PhD (though I should!), but the sheet will come in very handy anyway.


  3. You’ve done real well for January! Keep up the good work. Log cabins are great blocks but they absolutely take some time to complete.


  4. Excellent work on your PHD in 2020!!!
    Thank you for sharing your spreadsheet! I’m sure a few people will appreciate it!
    Thank you for linking to PHD in 2020, Feb 1 Report!


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