Under Construction

Hi Quilting Friends,

When my boys were small, they were fascinated by the large trucks that we’d see on the roadways. Nothing captured their attention like a construction site with heavy equipment in use! I like to think that there are lots of other little boys (and girls too!) who dream of operating a huge construction vehicle.

This brand-new quilt pattern is geared toward the small folks in your life who can’t get enough of those work zones! I’m SEW excited to introduce our new quilt design, “Under Construction“!

Under Construction Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Please keep in mind that you are entering a work zone! You’ll need to wear this hard hat, a safety vest, and steel-toed boots to take the guided tour today, for your safety.

Here’s Mike, the man with the plans! Our construction supervisor has arrived on site, with blueprints in hand, to make sure that this project is completed on schedule and within the budget.

Road worker by Ms P Designs USA

Safety first! Sandy isn’t just standing around, looking comfortable in her overalls and safety vest! Her job is to monitor and control the traffic into our work zone. Please drive slowly and pay attention during your visit!

Is it lunch time yet? Jill needs to finish moving the lumber before she can dig into her cooler. She must be REALLY hungry today! Good thing that she’s wearing her hard hat; she seems to be paying more attention to her lunch than the lumber.

Pardon me? I couldn’t hear your question. Must be all that noise from the jackhammer! Steve is being smart, wearing OSHA-required hearing protection while he breaks up the concrete. Please don’t try to speak with him until he takes a break. He’s not being rude- he just can’t hear you!

You’ll have noticed that we’ve included workers of both genders in this set of designs, in support of equal opportunity in the workplace for everyone! It is easy to modify the appliques if you prefer just boys or only girls; change the hairstyle and the color of their clothing to create the mix of workers that you want.

  • Dump Truck by Ms P Designs USA
  • Excavator by Ms P Designs USA.JPG
  • Skid Loader by Ms P Designs USA

The vehicle designs in the “Under Construction” quilt include the cement truck, dump truck, excavator, and skid loader. The slide show displays the construction equipment, up close! These cute blocks are made with foundation paper piecing, with applique details that give the the vehicles their character.

If foundation paper piecing isn’t your favorite, you might like to give “paperless paper piecing” a try; follow this link to see how it’s done!

Under Construction Road Border by Ms P Designs USA

Before we leave the work site, take a spin around the perimeter! The outer borders of this quilt are the perfect size for playing with your collection of little bitty cars and trucks. Now wouldn’t you enjoy a quilt with a place for playing with your favorite cars as you lie down for a rest?

Do you have a little construction worker wanna-be? The “Under Construction” quilt and individual block patterns are available in “Ms P’s Pattern Shop”!

Under Construction Quilt
  • Finished Size = 40″ by 40″
  • Includes-
    • “Work Zone” block and four construction worker applique patterns
    • Four construction equipment paper pieced patterns
    • Roadway borders
  • Only $20 USD
Under Construction Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for stopping by today! You may remove your hard hat and the rest of your safety equipment now. I hope that you’ve enjoyed your tour.

We’d love to read your comments. Would you like to see more quilts that feature everyday heroes and their vehicles? Share us your ideas for your favorite design themes!

Happy quilting,