Passing the Time, During the Pandemic

Hi Quilting Friends,

We hope that you’re staying well, practicing your social distancing, and washing your hands often. We’re doing the same here at the Ms P Studios! We have both been working at home since March 16. Working from home looks and feels much different than working at the office or at school, and we both miss our normal routines.

It has been REALLY nice to have some extra time for stitching during the past few weeks, but can one stitch the whole day away, day after day after day? Perhaps, but it is also nice to spend some time in other pursuits. Here are some of the other things that we’ve been doing, in no particular order:

Plant some seeds and flowers.

Watch the seeds sprout into seedlings, the fruit develop, and the flowers bloom! Fresh air and sunshine, with a little bit of digging in the Earth, can work wonders to improve your perspective.

Watch a mama blue jay sit on her nest.

Offer words of encouragement to her; she’s doing a fabulous job! Little does she realize that this time of social distancing will be followed by weeks of frenzied activity as she and her mate care for their babies.

Mama Blue Jay by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Put a jigsaw puzzle together

This is a 1000-piece picture of Las Vegas (actually 999 pieces, since one has gone AWOL). I’ve never gone to Vegas, but we hope to visit eventually. The city looks beautiful, with all of the lights and attractions. I thought that a puzzle would be a way to visualize the city and it’s unique architecture, and I’ve always liked puzzles!

Catch up with friends, from a distance.

Pick up the phone and give them a call! Chat on FaceBook, or set up a Zoom meeting. There are lots of ways to stay connected! Take time out to have a nice chat and catch up.

Learn something new.

Try a new recipe, a sewing technique, technology, or hobby! I made a FaceBook Live video for the Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show. You can watch it here if you missed it. Remember, this was my first live video. And I learned some things that I will do differently, next time!

Organize the house and do the spring cleaning.

Not a ton of fun when in progress, but think about how nice it will be to have a sparkling clean and organized home! Work on just one room at a time; pace yourself and enjoy your fresh, clean space when you’re finished. Susan has finished organizing her laundry room & pantry! I have “clean and organize” on the list, but I haven’t started quite yet. Maybe next week. . .

Get outside for fresh air and exercise

If you’re able to do so, get out of the house and exercise! A walk around the block or a bicycle ride around the neighborhood is just the thing to lift your spirits. Exercise improves mood, relieves stress, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and improves sleep.

Read a good book

I love to read, and usually spend at least a few minutes each day with my book. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, so I download books from the public library even when it is closed. Right now I’m reading “Victoria the Queen” by Julia Baird. I’m enjoying the insights into Queen Victoria’s reign and her relationship with Prince Albert.

Watch your favorite movie or TV series (again)

I was enjoying “Father Brown” on Netflix, up through Season 3. Unfortunately, it isn’t available now so I’ll have to find something else to watch. I’m open to suggestions!

Give your favorite canine (or feline) some extra attention!

Rowdy LOVES that nobody is leaving him at home, alone, ever. He’s enjoying the extra play time and belly rubs. Every time anyone goes outside, Rowdy comes to “help”. I’ve had “help” with sweeping the driveway and planting flowers. Such a good boy!

Rowdy by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

So, what have YOU been doing to stay occupied during the pandemic? We’d love to hear from you! Until next time. . .

Happy quilting,