Mid-May PHD Progress

Hi Quilting Friends,

This year I’m working on my PHD in 2020 with Gail at QuiltingGail. I’ve been piecing and quilting up a storm around here, so here’s a peek what I’ve been working on since my last update!.

Projects #5: Make something with these tools
Rulers and foundations

Finished! And I love it. I added a white border with appliqued holly leaves and berries, so this must be a Christmas quilt. This project was my May One Monthly Goal, so I will link up when it is time.

The red parts of the pineapple blocks were quilted with a straight-line pattern using my walking foot. I outline-stitched around the appliques, and then I did a free motion stippling stitch to make them “pop”. My free-motion skills are slowly improving, so I will continue to practice and not let the fear of being less than perfect stop me from trying.

I’m more confident (and comfortable) with practicing my FMQ skills because I have a new booster seat for quilting, courtesy of my Dad (who can build anything!). Isn’t it great! Until this spring, I used a couple of big ol’ phone books that were wrapped in a T-shirt to keep them from sliding around (although they still did slide around, at least a little). Dad used some beautiful oak wood to create the perfect add-on to my kitchen chair. Now I can sit at a comfortable height without straining my back and tiring my arms as I stitch. (Thanks Dad! My seat is awesome.)

Project #6: Make a throw with my “Diamond Star” blocks
Diamond Star Blocks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve started making more blocks! I’ve decided to make enough blocks for a twin-sized quilt, so now I know when to stop with the blocks. According to my calculations, I will need 63 blocks, and right now I have 22 finished. I’ve also decided upon a recipient for the quilt, so that will help me focus on her favorite colors.

The star flower blocks are fun to make with the “Spot On” ruler from Phillips Fiber Art; the stars are made with pieced strips of fabric, cut to shape with the special ruler. The tool includes several block variations, which I have yet to try out.

Star Flower Blocks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Project #11: Wonky Halloween Sampler Quilt

This quilt top is pieced and quilted, and I’m lovin’ the film strip sashing and borders that I’ve used to frame the wonky foundation pieced blocks. I’m done stitching down the binding, so this one is in the “Finished” column too! I won’t reveal the entire quilt until we release the pattern in August, so here’s a photo of part of it so you can see the pretty film strips:

Wonky Halloween Sneaky Peek by Ms P Designs USA
Wonky Halloween Sneaky Peek
New Projects

“My Hero” is coming along nicely! The pattern will be ready for release in June, so I won’t show the entire piece quite yet. (I’m such a tease!)

My Hero Sneaky Peek

Here’s my updated spreadsheet for 2020, with a few more cells colored in!

Mid-May by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

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  1. LOVE your projects! Each different yet fun! I’ve been struggling with an idea for a border on my Hope quilt and I think maybe a “film strip” border might be the answer! Love the pineapple quilt!

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