Go Dragon Go – Part 2

Hi Quilting Friends!

Today we are continuing to study the comings and goings of the elusive Dragon. First, let’s take another look at the newest addition to our shop, “Go Dragon Go!”

Go Dragon Go by Ms P Designs USA

We still don’t have a clue about where the dragon is going, why he is going or what he will do when he gets there. This mysterious creature still remains a mystery, so further study is warranted. We were fortunate this week to capture more photos of our little dragon, so let’s see if we can figure out this week where he is going!

Even though he had lots of fun flying, ballooning and helicoptering around, it just wasn’t meeting his needs! So our sweet dragon decided to try land-based transportation.

No, our little dragon is not going through a mid-life crisis, but he is particularly fond of his little red sports car.

Dragon's Sports Car by Ms P Designs USA

The little red sports car is super cool, but just doesn’t go fast enough! Let’s try a race car!

Dragon's Race Car by Ms P Designs USA

The sports car and race car were lots of fun, but there just isn’t ANYWHERE to tuck your tail. Let’s get real, tail spines are extremely uncomfortable to sit on, so let’s try something a little more adventurous!

Dragon's Scooter by Ms P Designs USA

Wow! With a top speed of 21 mph, the scooter just wasn’t performing as the mode of transport of our little dragon’s dreams. His tail wasn’t all wadded up, but he wasn’t getting there much faster than he would if he just used his own wings! To speed things up considerably, he chose a motorcycle!

Dragon's Motorcycle by Ms P Designs USA

How awesome is it to ride with the wind in your hair (or in his case, spikes), feeling completely free? Unfortunately, Dragon was breaking the safety helmet ordinance in his state and had to find another way to travel (helmets just don’t work well when you have a horn on your nose). Perhaps a monster truck is a better choice???

Dragon's Monster Truck by Ms P Designs USA

Yup, you guessed it, no room for his tail! The last method of transportation we observed was with our dragon in the cab was a train.

Dragon's Train Engine by Ms P Designs USA

Travelling by train is perfect for our little dragon. If the coal needs to be reignited so the steam can continue powering the train, our little dragon just needs to blow a little flame and he can travel anywhere the tracks take him!

With all the fun our dragon has had being on the “Go”, we needed a pieced block that showed movement. I chose the Windswept Star block (also known as a “Windblown Star” or “Whirlpool”). The block makes me think of a propeller.

Windswept Star by Ms P Designs USA

Sorry folks, we still don’t know where the dragon is going, why he is going or what he will do when he gets there. These mysterious creatures will forever remain a mystery, but we had fun sharing with you how our ferocious dragon plans to get there!

Thank you for joining us today and happy quilting!


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Go Dragon Go by Ms P Designs USA

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