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Sharing is Caring, Volume 2!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome back to the “Black & White Delight” Quilt-Along. If you’re just joining us, you may want to have a look at the “Welcome” post to help you catch up.

Today’s post is all about sharing! I hope that you’ve enjoyed my posts so far and that the information I’ve shared will be helpful to you, not only for the “Black and White Delight” project, but for your other quilting projects as well.

Susan’s quilt top is finished and it is in the longarm quilter’s queue! Susan decided to opt out of the flower applique border, and will add some “fancy” quilting to the outer border instead. Here’s a picture of her beautiful black & white quilt:

Black and White Delight by Susan @ Ms P Designs USA

I am still undecided as to how I wish to complete the quilting on my “Black and White Delight” quilt top. There are several other projects on my list that have a higher priority, so it may be a while yet before this quilt gets completely finished.

I’ve decided to make a few throw pillows to replace the ones on my sofa, using our 15″ square blocks from the “Black and White Delight” and other designs that we’ve created. I’ll use black and white along with brightly colored fabrics, just for fun. Here’s a photo of my first new sofa pillow, with the “Heart in a Star” block from our “For You With Love” quilt:

Star in Heart Pillow by Ms P Designs USA

If you’ve been quilting along with us, we’d love to see what your project! Share it with us on Instagram, or just send a photo via email. We’d love to hear from you!

#bwqal_yourname @mspdesignsusa

If Instagram isn’t your “thing”, just send us a picture via email.

Next week we’ll begin adding our outer borders! Until then, may your stitches be straight, your bobbins full, and your seam ripper languishing in the sewing basket.

Happy quilting,


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