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Go Dragon Go!

Hi Quilting Friends!

Today we are going to study the comings and goings of the elusive Dragon. The Dragon is a fearsome creature who, by nature, is not extremely friendly. In fact, this Dragon tends to be very antisocial. We have spent the last several weeks observing the Dragon, in an attempt to ascertain where he is going, how and why he is going wherever it is, and what he will do when he gets there.

We are proud to present the newest addition to our shop “Go Dragon Go!”

Go Dragon Go by Ms P Designs USA

Ever since our dragon emerged from his clutch and became a fledgling, he didn’t want to be part of the dragon weyr. Mother Dragon said that even as a little wyrmling, he was always on the go, by any means possible. “Safety first” is what Mother Dragon always told him and we all know that Mother knows best!

Dragon's Airplane by Ms P Designs USA

Well … balloons were a great idea, but not extremely reliable. The balloons kept popping while he practiced fire breathing (which is expected of dragons). Our dear Dragon wanted something a little faster. A mode of transport that wouldn’t wear out his wings, and so he hitched a ride on a hot air balloon.

Dragon's Hot Air Balloon by Ms P Designs USA

Unfortunately, the hot air balloon did not turn out to be the best option for Dragon. He could make his own flame, but he wasn’t quite sure how to control the flame or the altitude of the balloon. It was pretty cool to see for miles around and locate all those delicious sheep, but Dragon couldn’t control where he was going because the balloon only goes where the wind will blow it! Mystery #1 solved! Dragon wasn’t looking for sheep, but for another way to travel.

Perhaps a blimp or zeppelin would be more his speed. He hurried to the hangar to catch a ride; however, he was 5 minutes too late and the ship was already aloft!

Dragon's Blimp by Ms P Designs USA

That was a bust! Later that evening, he watched a film about the Hindenburg and was quite happy that he missed his flight. Hmmm. . . What other means of transportation could he find?

Floating through the air in the hot air balloon inspired him to explore more sky ships. Let’s try a biplane!

Dragon's Biplane by Ms P Designs USA

Or maybe an airplane would be cool!

Dragon's Airplane by Ms P Designs USA

If our dragon wants to dream big, why not go into space?

Dragon's Rocket Ship by Ms P Designs USA

One last airborne vehicle to test, the helicopter!

Dragon's Helicopter by Ms P Designs USA

We still don’t know where the dragon is going, why he is going or what he will do when he gets there. This mysterious creature still remains – a mystery. Can you tell me where you think he is going and why?

Please join us next week when we, hopefully, can catch more photos of our little dragon and figure out the mystery of where exactly he is going!

Thank you for joining us today and happy quilting!


If you’d like to make your very own “Go Dragon Go!” quilt, you can purchase the pattern right here! Individual block patterns are available from Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

Go Dragon Go! Quilt

  • Finished Size = 44″ by 44″
  • Includes patterns for 13 unique applique dragon blocks
  • Includes “Windswept Star” and finishing instructions
  • Just $20 USD
Go Dragon Go by Ms P Designs USA

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