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Getting Our Act Together

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome back to the “Black & White Delight” Quilt-Along. If you’re just joining us, you may want to have a look at the “Welcome” post to help you catch up.

This week we’re going to stitch the center of the quilt top together, now that we have all of our blocks made. I’m SEW excited, aren’t you? Gather the following items and get ready for some fun!

  • 8 pieced blocks
  • 7 Wild Goose Chase blocks (WGC)
  • Pieced Borders A (4) and B (6)
  • Sewing machine (obviously!)
  • Iron
  • & ironing board
  • Thread
  • Scissors for snipping thread
  • Beverage & snack(s) for hydration and energy!

You can place the 8 pieced blocks in any arrangement that you like. Here’s the layout that I used:

Black and White Delight Layout by Ms P Designs USA

After you’ve decided upon your layout, sew the blocks into rows, and then sew the rows together. Make sure that the seams on the blocks line up as you stitch. I usually use pins to ensure that everything matches up, especially for the longer seams, because I know that I wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t align correctly.

Here’s a picture of our quilt, with the first border added. We’ll add a border soon!

Black and White Delight by Ms P Designs USA

Time to show off your gorgeous “Black & White Delight” quilt top. We’d ALL love to see a picture, so snap a photo and post it on Instagram please.

#bwqal_yourname @mspdesignsusa

Next week we’ll take a break from sewing to share some pictures of our quilts in progress. Until then, may your stitches be straight, your bobbins full, and your seam ripper languishing in the sewing basket.

Happy quilting,


And I couldn’t let today pass without a salute to May the Fourth!

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