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Welcome to the Black & White Delight Quilt Along!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to our very first quilt-along, the “Black & White Delight”! I’ll be posting almost every Monday as we sew along together to make this beautiful quilt. I hope that you’ll enjoy making your very own “Black & White Delight”!

This quilt-along will run through the end of June. I know that six months is a long time, but consider that you’ll be making an heirloom-quality quilt. Each weekly session will require between 2 and 4 hours of sewing, so you will likely have time for other projects too. I’ve added a few “Sharing is Caring” days to our schedule, to give you a chance to catch up with the group (Life happens!) and provide an opportunity to for us share photos from the group with everyone. Here’s the schedule:

You’ll need to grab a copy of the pattern to refer to as you quilt along with us. You may purchase the “Black & White Delight” pattern from Ms P’s Pattern Shop using the payment button below. The pattern is also available from our Etsy shop, our PayHip shop, or from QuiltWoman.com

Black and White Delight by Ms P Designs USA
  • Finished Size: 72″ by 96″ (Twin-sized quilt)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Includes patterns for 9 different pieced blocks
  • Includes applique templates for 3 flower styles and 2 leaf styles
  • Just $24 USD

This link is for a downloadable file with piecing requirements for several finished quilt sizes, in case you want a different size for your project.

If you’re planning to make a full/queen or king-sized quilt instead of the twin-sized quilt that is featured in the “Black & White Delight” pattern, you may choose to repeat blocks or use additional block designs. If you make a throw-sized quilt, then you’ll need to omit some of the pieced blocks from your quilt top.

Our “Black & White Delight” blocks are interchangeable with the blocks that we used for our “Blue and More Blue” and “Pieces of Christmas” quilt designs, shown below. You may browse the additional block patterns in Ms P’s Pattern Shop if you’d like to make a larger quilt without repeating blocks.

As we quilt along together, please share photos of your progress on Instagram with this hashtag so we can all find you:

#bwqal_yourname @mspdesignsusa

You’ll probably want to follow the hashtag so you can see what everyone has posted on Instagram. If you need to learn more about using Instagram, here’s a post with lots of helpful information. Why should we share?

  1. Everyone wants to see your beautiful quilt pictures.
  2. They’ll “like” them and make nice comments.
  3. You’ll enjoy seeing pictures of other quilters’ projects, and you’ll “meet” other quilters .
  4. It is more fun for the whole group when we share the experience of quilting along!
  5. You’re eligible for our giveaways whenever you post a picture. Don’t worry- we’ll let you know what to post & when to post it, and we’ll always give you enough time to do so! And who wouldn’t want to win a prize?
  6. This will be fun!

Any questions? I know that I’d have some if I were deciding whether or not to join in.

  • What if I can’t keep up? I like to take my time.
    • Most weeks’ sewing lists will take only a few hours, so we’re hoping that it won’t be an onerous task to stay caught up with the quilt-along.
    • We’ll take a break every few weeks for our “Sharing is Caring” posts, so you may catch up then.
    • If not, then just take your time and enjoy the process. Quilting should be a pleasure rather than a deadline that you have to meet, so don’t worry about keeping up if you prefer a slower pace. The posts will be here, so you can access the information whenever you are ready.
  • I don’t want to make a twin-sized quilt! Can I still quilt along?
    • Of couse! You may choose to make a smaller throw by omitting a few of the blocks or you can opt for a larger quilt by repeating (or adding) blocks.
  • I got started late. Is that OK?
    • Of course! This series will be available as long as we have the space to house it on our website. You may join in at any time.
  • Do I have to use black & white fabrics?
    • Do I look like the Fabric Police? Of course not! Use fabric that you love. I happen to love black & white, so that’s why I picked this combination.
    • My next post will deal with fabric selection, and you’ll see some other options.

So, are you in? I hope you are! The more, the merrier! I’ve been getting ready for this Quilt Along for several months, and so I’m hoping that everyone enjoys it.

Happy quilting,


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  1. Did you realize that one of the double 4-patches was placed wrong in the quilt? The diagonal line of white squares is interrupted. I know that only God can make perfect things, but I don’t think you did this deliberately.


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