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My Hero!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Today we’re SEW excited to reveal our new quilt design, a salute to those brave men and women who “Protect and Serve” the community as police officers. We call it “My Hero”!

My Hero by Ms P Designs USA

“My Hero” was fun to create! It features applique, foundation piecing, and precision piecing, all in one adorable toddler-sized quilt. Our quilt looks fresh in a palette of blues, gold, and neutrals, with little pops of color on the applique blocks. Let’s jump right in and see the details.

Police Shield by Ms P Designs USA

“My Hero” features five heroic police officers who are here to protect and serve. Every officer needs a police shield, and this shield could be personalized with your hero’s name if desired! Susan decided to use matching embroidery floss for all of the appliques in this project, an excellent choice.

Traffic Officer by Ms P Designs USA

Tom is helping with traffic control today. Please pay attention to his hand signals and his sign; he’s here to keep everyone safe on the roadways.

Police Cruiser by Ms P Designs USA

The lights are flashing! The siren is wailing! Someone needs help, and the police officers are rushing to the scene in their police cruiser. Please pull your vehicle over and let them pass safely.

K-9 Officer by Ms P Designs USA

Sometimes the police officers need a little extra help, and that’s when they call in their K-9 unit. Karen and Cody are here to assist! Even though Cody may look just like an ordinary dog, this highly-trained police officer can help sniff out the perpetrators or help with a rescue. Good boy!

K-9 Vehicle by Ms P Designs USA

The K-9 unit has a specialized vehicle with a kennel in the back to keep Cody secure while Karen drives them to the crime scene. When they aren’t busy solving crimes, Karen and Cody visit schools to show the children how to stay safe

Krispy Kreme Kaper by Ms P Designs USA

Officer Dave has stopped for a short coffee break, but his donut has gone missing. Any clues about what might have happened to it? This case is called “The Krispy Kreme Kaper”, and the perpetrator must be apprehended before that donut disappears forever.

CSI Van by Ms P Designs USA

The police van is equipped to carry officers, equipment, and supplies to the scene, whether it is for the SWAT team or the Crime Scene Investigators. There’s plenty of space for everything we’ll need to find clues about what happened to Dave’s donut, and close the case on the Krispy Kreme Kaper!

Lost Mommy by Ms P Designs USA

Oh dear! How sad! Mommy has wandered off and gotten lost. Cindy is pretty worried about her, but Officer Linda is here to help! Let’s go and find Mommy together.

Helicopter by Ms P Designs USA

Sometimes it helps to have a birds-eye view to find a missing Mommy or a dastardly pilferer of pastries. The police helicopter is handy for search and rescue operations or aerial surveillance. Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to take a ride along with them!

My Hero Roadway Border by Ms P Designs USA

“My Hero” features a roadway around the borders, perfect for playing with a collection of little cars. Vroom, vroom, vroom!

If you’d like to make your own “My Hero” quilt, it is available right here for purchase! You can also find the individual officer applique patterns and the foundation pieced police vehicles in Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

My Hero Quilt Pattern
  • Finished Size = 40″ x 40″
  • Includes patterns for four officers and shield with individual pieces and layout templates
  • Includes patterns for four foundation pieced police vehicles
  • Includes instructions for roadway borders
  • Just $20 USD
My Hero by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks again for stopping by today! We hope that you’ve enjoyed your visit.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

5 thoughts on “My Hero!

  1. I just unsubscribed from several quilt blogs I read faithfully….we just don’t agree completely on the issues in today’s “news”. I’m not angry…time is just too valuable to waste on reading something that will upset me. One of my sons-in-law is a State Trooper. He is a “hero” to my family. I LOVE this pattern. Thanks for much! Getting ready to order it!

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  2. What an adorable child’s quilt. I will keep this in mind as I work through my current list of projects. Great pattern.

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  3. Another adorable pattern! I really like it when people show respect and care for those who serve and protect us. I know they aren’t all perfect, but the majority of them work hard for us every day, and I support them.

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