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Something Wonky This Way Comes!

Hi Quilting Friends,

We’re SEW excited to share our new Halloween quilt design with you today. This year’s quilt pattern is a sampler, with a twist, because each block is, well, wonky. Have a look!

Wonky Halloween Sampler by Ms P Designs USA

Our “Wonky Sampler” includes nine unique pieced blocks, all surrounded by film strip sashing and borders. Sharon used scraps from our extensive Halloween fabric stash to create the blocks. The sashing is made with solid black fabric and a bright orange print.

Wonky Churn Dash by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Churn Dash” block combines foundation piecing and precision piecing. The center square is a great spot to feature a fussy-cut section of your favorite Halloween print.

Halloween Quilt 2019 "Something Spooky This Way Comes" by Ms P Designs USA

We used the “Wonky Churn Dash” block in last year’s “Something Spooky” Halloween quilt design, pictured above.

Wonky Flying Geese by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Flying Goose” block is completely foundation pieced, with just two contrasting “goose” fabrics and a background fabric. The geese are wonky, but they still somehow manage to fly in formation.

Wonky House by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky House” block can be embellished with embroidered window panes and a button doorknob. Everything is just a little bit crooked in this fun wonky house. I couldn’t help thinking of the nursery rhyme as I stitched this block!

“There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked style. He bought a crooked cat who caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in a little crooked house.”

Wonky Log Cabin by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Log Cabin” is a great block for featuring several different prints, one on each of the wonky quadrilaterals.

Halloween 2017 Quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA

We used this block in our “Trick or Treat” Halloween quilt pattern, and decided to include it in our sampler too!

Wonky Pumpkin by Ms P Designs USA

Our “Wonky Pumpkin” is made with a variety of orange scraps to make the perfect misshapen fruit. It would be easy to add some appliqued leaves and embroidered vines to enhance the pumpkin, if one desired.

Wonky Shack by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Shack” looks a bit scary, with its high windows and crooked doorway. Use your imagination to see that the shack looks just a little bit like a spooky face, a warning to all who dare to enter. . .

Wonky Spiral by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Spiral” is a modified log cabin with just two contrasting fabrics. This easy block would be great on its own for a fun and scrappy quilt.

Wonky Square in Square by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Square in Square” is another great block for featuring a fussy-cut motif from your fabric. It is important to have lots of contrast between the squares as you stitch this one.

Wonky Star by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Star” has foundation pieced star points, with a nice center square for another fussy-cut fabic motif. We used the star block in our “Halloween Spooktacular” quilt, pictured below.

Halloween 2018 Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

The “Wonky Halloween Sampler” pattern is available to purchase, right here! Visit “Ms P’s Halloween Shop” to browse the rest of our whimsical Halloween patterns.

Wonky Halloween Sampler by Ms P Designs USA
  • Finished Size = 39″ x 39″
  • Includes foundation piecing diagrams for nine wonky blocks
  • Includes instructions for the filmstrip sashing and borders
  • Only $20 USD

We’re so glad that you took the time to visit us today! Do you have a favorite of our new “wonky” blocks? Or maybe a suggestion for a “wonky” block that isn’t here (yet)? We’d love to read your comments.

Happy quilting,