OMG! It’s August

Hi Quilting Friends,

August already? How did this happen? Where did Summer go? (For that matter, what happened to Spring? It has been a very strange year, hasn’t it!)

My goal for August is to quilt and bind at least one of the three quilt tops that I made with my Christmas scraps during July. (I had a LOT of Christmas fabric scraps, and I still haven’t used all of them up!)

Scrappy Christmas Quilts by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Two of the quilts will be Christmas gifts for two special someones, so I hope to get them finished before school starts again. All bets are off about how much time and energy I will have for quilting, once school is in session again.

And away we go!

Happy quilting,


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9 thoughts on “OMG! It’s August

    1. Thanks Susan! I’ll be teaching both in-person and remote high school students, 6 classes per day. This usually means that my quilting is limited to weekends only. This year will be like another first year of teaching, since so many things will be new to everyone.


      1. Oh, I feel for you! There is so much that’s going to go wrong for our students if we don’t get them back in school. It’ll be worse, in some ways for the younger ones, but high school ages depend on the social interaction to a huge extent. I hope everything will be back to normal soon. I just noticed the wonky flying geese on your Instagram link on the sidebar. Love it!


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