Mid-September PHD Progress

Hi Quilting Friends,

Here’s what I’ve been working on since my last update! Did I mention that school is back in session? With all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for back-to-school and getting the students started on our classes, my stitching has taken a back seat for a while. This is typical for the beginning of the school year, and quite a lot more involved due to the addition of online learning, but I hope to get back to more sewing by the end of the month.

Project #7: Make a wall hanging from one of these patterns
More Patterns

Still looking for that background fabric, but no luck so far! I’ve visited three quilt shops, but came up empty. All I want is a nice gray batik, only 5/8 yard, to use for the night sky, nothing fancy at all. Wouldn’t you think that, between three quilt shops, my extensive private textile collection, and Susan’s even larger collection (from which I am occasionally allowed to steal), I would have found something that would make a nice background? Nope. Nada. Nothing.

I may need to broaden my mind and revisit the options that are available if I don’t find something I love at shop #4 or maybe shop #5. I want to get this one into the “finally finished” column soon, so my fingers are crossed that I’ll hit pay dirt on my next shopping expedition.

New Projects:
Mariner's Star by Ms P Designs USA

I am still stitching up my “Mariner’s Star” blocks, with a total of 6 completed out of 7 needed. I’ll have them all done before the end of September, and then I can make a decision about the layout.

I bought this stack of absolutely yummy fabric on a recent shopping excursion. It will (eventually) become a model for a future nursery quilt pattern, featuring creatures who inhabit the Southwestern United States. Armadillo, coyote, horned lizard, and roadrunner are just a few of the animals who will be included in the new design. I’m excited to begin making this quilt, soon.

More masks! It’s back to school time, but instead of buying new clothes this year, I’ve made a wardroboe of masks. (Plus a few to share with special friends!)

Here’s my updated spreadsheet for 2020, which (surprise!) is still exactly the same as it was at the end of July.

Mid August by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

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