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Corona Star

Hi Quilting Friends,

Today we’re excited to share our brand-new quilt design, “Corona Star”! We hope that you’ll love it.

But first, SCIENCE! (I love science!) In science, the word “corona” means “resembling a crown” for anatomy students OR “rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars” for astronomy students. I chose a solar eclipse image for today’s blog post feature photo, to show off the Sun’s corona. And, of course, we’ve been hearing a LOT about this “corona” in recent months:

My idea for this quilt started LONG before anyone even heard of the SARS CoV-2 corona virus or the COVID-19 disease that it causes, even though the quilt design was created during the pandemic.

This journey began about three years ago during our visit to the Houston International Quilt Festival, when I decided that I needed a couple yards of beautiful gray fabric. My idea was to create a throw quilt with a modern color palette. A subsequent trip to one of our local quilt shops led to the purchase of several additional pieces of brightly-colored (on sale!) fabrics. Here’s my initial fabric pull for the project:

My first idea for this fabric pull was to create a throw-sized quilt with a design similar to my “Goose Trails” table runner, as shown below:

Goose Trails TR by Ms P Designs USA

The gray fabric was to replace the plain rectangles, and the bright fabrics would become the geese. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, upon doing my initial calculations, I quickly discovered that I didn’t have quite enough of the gray fabric. Oops! (Note to self- Buy 3 yards, not 2.5 yards! I eventually want to create that “Goose Trails” quilt, with different fabric. . .)

So I moved on to my “Plan B”, which was a pieced quilt with two alternating blocks. I pulled out my gridded paper and sketched up a few ideas, finally choosing this star-themed block, which didn’t have a name (yet). It’s working name was “Block A”. I know; not very original, but that would change soon enough!

Quilt Block A by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I used our popular “Wild Goose Chase” block to alternate with the stars:

Wild Goose Chase by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

“Block A” still didn’t have a name, so we had a “Name that Block” contest for our newsletter subscribers. “Corona Star” was our favorite from the names that were submitted. It just seemed appropriate, considering the times. And so, a “Corona Star” was born!

If you’d like to make your own “Corona Star” quilt, the pattern is available right here!

Corona Star Quilt
  • Finished Size = 57″ x 57″
  • Skill Level- Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
  • Includes instructions (with photos) for making the blocks and borders
  • Just $10 USD
Corona Star Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Thank you for visiting today! I hope that you enjoyed reading about our new quilt design. We’d love to know what you think about “Corona Star”! Please leave a comment- it would make my day!

Happy quilting,


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