Hello Fall!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome Fall! We’re so excited to welcome autumn, along with (maybe?) some cooler weather. It always so much fun to participate in the blog hops with our quilting friend Carla at “Creatin’ in the Sticks”. (Thanks Carla!!)

Fall takes its own sweet time to arrive here in Houston. September usually brings us daytime temperatures in the low ’90’s, with occasional rains from the tropical systems that drive our weather in September. We’re currently “enjoying” a bounty of rain from Tropical Storm Beta. (No flooding in our neighborhoods so far, knock on wood!) Most years the Autumn weather switches from hot to cold overnight and then the leaves turn from green to brown. Last year was an exception, with fabulous fall colors on the oak trees in my neighborhood. Here’s a picture that I took in November, 2019:

Autumn Oak Trees by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Gorgeous, right? I wish that this tree lived in my yard. I usually decorate for autumn, indoors, since it isn’t always obvious when fall has arrived, outdoors. (Well, except for the school buses on the streets!) I strew the mantle with colorful (silk) leaves and I hang my pretty autumn wreaths and miniature quilts to encourage my brain to believe that autumn has actually arrived.

Speaking of quilts, here are a few of our autumn-themed projects from Autumns past, for your viewing pleasure:

  • Tumbling Leaves Miniature Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • autumn leaves table runner and place mat set by ms p designs usa
  • Pumpkin Miniature Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Wonky Pumpkin by Ms P Designs USA
  • Hunter's Star Miniature Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Today’s project is a pair of colorful hot pads, made with our popular “Wonky Churn Dash” foundation pieced pattern.

I challenged myself to complete this project using only fabrics that I had on hand in my extensive private textile collection. I decided to alternate the placement of the gold star fabric and the orange checked fabric to make each hot pad unique. (Sorry about the photo! I tried several times to get a picture in which the large calico corn print fabric doesn’t look blurry, but my camera seems to be confused by the print. I hate it when that happens. Trust me; they look much better in person!)

Susan wasn’t excited about my new hot pads; she “isn’t a fan” of the fabrics that I used for this project. (Good thing that I wasn’t making them as a gift for her birthday, right?) I like them well enough, and they’ll look pretty with my autumn decor. They are definitely an improvement when compared to my existing hot pads. (I blame the kids and their on-going love affair with Tater Tots made in the toaster oven.)

Sharon's Experienced Hot Pads by Ms P Designs USA

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our “Wonky Churn Dash” block pattern giveaway, Susan N! Enjoy your pattern, Susan.

The “Wonky Churn Dash” pattern is also available for purchase in Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing my new autumn hot pads, the perfect way to “Welcome Fall!” What do you look forward to seeing or doing in autumn? Leave a comment and make our day!

Happy quilting,


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50 thoughts on “Hello Fall!

  1. Lovely hot pads! I am always in need of them in my kitchen. You can never have too many. Beautiful color choice. My kids are moving near Houston and we are thinking of following. Do you like living in Texas? We are from California.


  2. extensive private textile collection is such a fabulous way to look at it, wow. Oh my did you ever need new Hot Pads. These are wonderful. Your design is great for spotlighting anything in someone’s textile collection ;-}


  3. I love your pot holders and would love to own them. I love fall decor and can’t wait to start decorating with pumpkins, gourds, and mums.


  4. I have some potholders that look very similar to those well-used ones in your post! The wonky churn dash is fun, and I like the fabrics you chose. The Christmas Hop sounds like grand fun, too!


  5. Terrific fall project and relatively fast to finish! Thanks for sharing the idea and your other fall decor items.


  6. Your hotpads look great! And the old ones remind me of some of mine… Thanks for sharing and the giveaway


  7. What fun scrolling thru your projects! I had to laugh, your hot pads look much like mine do, but I unlike Susan love your new ones! Cute little wonky block and perfect for so many things.


    1. Thanks for sharing these cute ideas. I just found your blog and will definitely add it to my list. I love the cooler fall temperatures, but in southern Arizona we’re still in the 100s this year.


  8. Well, I LOVE your new fall hot pads! Very autumnish, if that’s a thing!! LOL Here in Alabama, our falls are like yours, hot to cold overnight, though we are enjoying some nice cooler days right now. I think that’s thanks to Beta and also Sally that just hit us. Thank for sharing your cute project!


  9. Your website is very creative. I would not know how to have those Fall quilted items scroll like that for viewing. What I still like to do in the Fall is camping. We do have another camping trip planned. Your old hot pads resemble mine. I need to sew a few more, also. Yours is very cute. Thank you.


  10. Those are lovely hot pads, but it looks like you need to make a couple more. 🙂
    My favourite part about fall is Halloween. I normally do a large display both inside and out but we are selling the condo so no Halloween anywhere. 😦 Back to a house so back to a display next year. When touring houses it was a must to make sure there were electrical outlets for the front yard. The realtor thought I was nuts. lol
    Another plus about fall is thick, soft sweaters. Thanks for the chance to win.


  11. Such a great fall project and something I’ve been putting on my list to do, Hot Pads. Maybe a hop is in order… Thanks for joining the Hello Fall Blog Hop. Love your wonky churn dash pattern.


  12. oh but your wonky block is wonderful. and your table topper is so great. I love the colors. I am looking forward to cleaning out our garden and getting it ready for next year. this year has been very productive and we are looking forward to making it more so next year. I am really looking forward to pumpkin and apple season
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net


  13. Hot pads – just what I need because mine look like your previous hot pads!! Cameras don’t always cooperate but I think yours are great. BTW, I really loved the previous placemats you shared.


  14. Your hot pads and churndash ghost are cute. I enjoy driving around and seeing the pretty leaves changing colors.


  15. My potholders look a lot like your tater tot ones, which makes me think I need to make some new ones. Yours is so cute as a wonky churn dash. Love it!


  16. How fun! I love my Fall outings w/ my sewing group but this year it will be virtual and distance coffee with a few of them!


  17. Very nice hotpads–you might be afraid to use them if they’ll end up like your old ones. Hee, hee. I enjoyed the slide show of previous projects too. Thanks for sharing.


  18. I love making potholders and have made many for my granddaughters. Would love to win the pattern. My favorite thing about fall is taking a ride and looking at the colors!


  19. Love the pattern. I love all your patterns and have quite a few. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one. Need to make me some new ones also.


  20. With the arrival of fall, I look forward to fetching firewood. Call me crazy as firewood & all it entails is a lot of work (great workout), but I absolutely love the woods with all the earthy leaf smells, great variety of colors & so peaceful. Love the even heat our wood burner gives during winter as well!


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