October PHD Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

I’ve actually made some progress since my last update, with one more project completely finished.

Project #6: Make a throw with my “Diamond Star” blocks
Diamond Star Blocks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve continued to select more fabric pieces for additional blocks, with the goal of making more star flowers, but I haven’t done any sewing on this project since summer.

Project #7: Make a wall hanging from one of these patterns
More Patterns

This project was my “One Monthly Goal” for October, and it is all done! Here’s a picture of the finished wall hanging.

Guiding Light by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
New Projects:

I still don’t have a lot of spare time or extra energy, but I’ve really missed sewing! This fun project refused to be put off any longer, and it stitched up quickly.

The Halloween quilt, “Monster Mash Up”, was designed by Sindy Rodenmeyer at Fat Cat Patterns. I put my own twist on the sashing and cornerstones, because I like both purple and black and I don’t mind being a little bit fancy. I clearly didn’t have it finished for Halloween 2020, but I definitely can get it ready to use for Halloween 2021.

Here’s my updated spreadsheet for 2020. I’m pretty sure that I won’t finish #7 this year, but will share progress as it happens.

And my updated PHD tally.

Happy quilting,


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