12 Days of Christmas – 12

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Welcome to our “12 Days of Christmas” blog series! We’re glad you’ve joined us.
Can you believe that this is already our 12 th day of Christmas?

Our family celebrated Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Rose’s (our Mom’s parents’) house every year. We’d have a nice dinner, open our gifts, and play a few card games until it was time to go home again.

Grandma loved to entertain, to cook, and to experiment with new recipes. One year she decided to try oyster stuffing with the Christmas goose. Each of us kids was required to consume at least one serving-spoonful of everything that was served for dinner. That oyster dressing wasn’t pleasant but we all managed to choke it down. Next time Grandma came to visit she told us that even the dog refused to try the stuffing, and so we never had to eat that again. Can you believe that we both still remember this, more than 50 years later? Now that was a very memorable meal, LOL!

Since we are on the topic of our Norwegian grandma, we both have memories of Grandma Rose and her sister, Aunt Helen, singing this song especially for Christmas. Enjoy this recording of another favorite Christmas song; it always makes us laugh and think of Grandma!

We introduced our new “Christmas Roses” pillow design on the first day of this series, and we hinted about the rest of the Christmas bed runner set.

Christmas Pillow by Ms P Designs USA

Today we are happy to show you the rest of the collection. Susan had fun making this bed runner and matching shams to go with the pillows. Wouldn’t they look wonderful on the guest bed, displaying the love and happiness that comes with Christmas? The “Christmas Hearts & Roses” set is available in Ms P’s Christmas Shop!

Christmas Bed Runner Set by Ms P Designs USA

We’re certain that you’ve noticed Susan’s little elf bear, who was happy to pose with the pillows, shams and bed runner. So soft, snuggly, and adorable!

Christmas Pillows by Ms P Designs USA

Susan has one little problem . . . Ms. Bear doesn’t have a name yet! Today’s challenge is to help Susan come up with a wonderful name for her sweet ursine model! The name shouldn’t be overly Christmas-y because Ms. Bear will also be the spokesmodel for our winter, spring, summer and fall bed runners!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Brenda A, winner of the giveaway!

We’ll accept giveaway entries until December 14, and the winner will be notified via email by December 16. Good luck!

Thanks again for visiting! We wish you have a wonderful holiday season and very Merry Christmas!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

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  1. I am NOT finished with my Christmas projects! The big Christmas quilt may be for birthday, rather than Christmas! Still waiting for something I need to arrive for it! Deliveries are SO SLOW!! Since she is an ursine model, how about Ursula? Or maybe Beddy Boop!! LOL

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