December PHD in 2021 Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

Time to wrap up 2021 with my PHD update for December! I’ve been busy with holiday preparation and activities, so there hasn’t been a lot of stitchin’ going on in my kitchen this month. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently!

Project #7: Make a throw with my “Diamond Star” blocks
Diamond Star Blocks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

My “One Monthly Goal” for December was to stitch five more of the “Diamond Star” blocks. Ta-done, done, and done! I ended up making 15 new blocks, so now I have 63 blocks out of the 63 that I’ll need to finish up the quilt. Yay! The project will carry over to 2022, and maybe (just maybe!) I will be able to finish it up. I’ve already planned a trip to the quilt shop to search for setting triangle fabric and borders.

New Projects

RSC 2021 String Blocks
RSC 2021 String Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

My RSC 2021 string block quilt is ready for quilting! I’ll add this project to my 2022 PHD list, and I love it so far.

Coffee, Tea, or Me? Part 2

As you might recall, I’ve decided to finish my coffee mug blocks as small place mats, but I had to order more of the background fabric. When the fabric arrived, it didn’t match the original piece. What to do?

After weighing the choices available, I’ve opted to continue as originally planned. My scalloped border covers up most of the “different” fabric pieces, so that makes me happy. (There are only 3 small pieces of the new fabric, total, hiding beneath the scalloped borders.) And, really, if I hadn’t pointed it out would you have noticed the difference?

The place mat patterns will be released in early 2022, so I’d better get a move on and get them finished up. You’ll see this project on my 2022 PHD list.

Christmas Stitching Projects

My December stitching has primarily involved Christmas surprises!

I stitched up a pair of “Millstone” blocks (Stash Bustin’ Scrappy Sampler Block #25), and turned them into pretty trivets to give to two dear friends for Christmas:

Millstone Christmas version by Ms P Designs USA

I made another batch of masks for my immediate family, although I sincerely hope that the masks will become a memory in the near future.

More Masks by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I made several “over the collar” bandanas for the pups, two each for my Grand-doggers, Naomi and Ruth, and one for my Rowdy! Here’s Rowdy, modeling his new “outfit”. (He doesn’t mind it nearly as much as the reindeer antlers that I forced him to wear for holiday photos in the past.)

I stitched up a pair fun astronomy-themed flannel PJ pants for my husband, but he refused to model them. (What a spoil sport! He looks absolutely magnificent in them.)

Here’s my task list spreadsheet for 2021:

And my UFO list for 2021:

End December PHD Tally by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

The incomplete items will roll over to my 2022 PHD list, and I’ll add several “new” UFO projects to complete it. More about that in a future post!

Happy quilting,


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  1. Great job on your PHD, Sharon! And no, if you had not mentioned the fabric difference, I would not have noticed! Thankfully, we have no mask requirements here at the moment. I keep one handy if I need it. But hopefully it will become a thing of the past for everyone soon!! Your string quilt is so pretty! I need to get my not finished PHD post written. Oh well, I’ll just carry what was undone over to next year! Happy New Year!

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