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Christmas Stockings for Boys

Hi Quilting Friends,

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Christmas is just around the corner and it is not too late to make a Christmas stocking for that precious someone in your life!

Susan here today!

I have used and sewn many Bucilla stocking kits in my lifetime and loved the whimsical sentiment which went with the stockings.  However, once I discovered that I can use my creativity to draw whatever I want to make, I researched how to create felt appliques for stockings and executed my plan using my own designs.

Today we are introducing three new Christmas stockings, perfect for little boys or for that bigger boy who is well into his adulthood.  As many of you know, our family’s youngest members are mostly girls, so I decided to find a few little boys for whom I could make stockings for Christmas, and create patterns for our shop. 

The first little boy is Ellis for whom I designed a monkey in a rocket ship because he makes wonderful spaceship and alien drawings for his dad.  Here is a picture of Ellis’ stocking, which is one of the first Christmas stockings that I designed and stitched several years ago.

Rocket Monkey Stocking by Ms P Designs USA

The second little boy is Ronnie, the son of a colleague at work. Ronnie LOVES monster trucks.  Ronnie is almost 6 now and his daddy tells me that the highlight of Ronnie’s Christmas is getting out his treasured stocking with Santa driving his monster truck, delivering a Christmas tree and present.

Santa's Monster Truck Christmas Stocking by Ms P Designs USA

Ronnie has a little brother who is two, and their Daddy commissioned me to design a special stocking just for Nico.  Nico loves Ronnie’s stocking, and he LOVES monster trucks too.  Hmmmm, I’ve already been there and done that, and Nico’s stocking shouldn’t be just like Ronnie’s. I thought things over, and then I designed a stocking with Santa and Rudolph delivering presents in Santa’s little red sports car. (Is Santa having a mid-life crisis?), a teddy bear, and tree to some lucky little boy or girl.  My customer was extremely happy with the completed stocking.

Santa's Convertible Stocking by Ms P Designs USA

All three of these patterns are available in Ms P’s Pattern Shop, and they’re really fun to make!

Just wait until you see the stockings that I’ve made for our five (5!) great- nieces! I’m excited to share with you, next time.

Happy quilting,