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Christmas Stockings for Girls

Hi Quilting Friends,

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of!  Remember that it is not too late to make a Christmas stocking for that precious someone in your life, and we have some amazingly adorable designs to introduce today.

Susan here!

Some Christmas stockings are clearly meant just for little (or big) girls.  As many of you know, Sharon and I share five great nieces, our brother’s granddaughters. 

Our first great niece is named Abigail.  When I asked my brother what Abi likes, he said that she likes kitties.  What better way to celebrate the holiday then to have a kitty with a little mouse, celebrating Christmas together?

Friendly Kitty Christmas Stocking by Ms P Designs USA

Our second great niece is Elianna.  Ellie was just a wee little one when I created this stocking for her.  I love the way the polar bear is snuggling and protecting his little penguin friend!

Polar Pals Stocking by Ms P Designs USA

Our third great niece is Thea, who just turned three in October. Thea’s gramma says that she is “a little Dickens”, so I decided to add a hint of her personality by making this little angel smile as though she is planning some mischief.

Abigail and Elianna welcomed a new baby sister in July, our 4th great niece, named Macie Blake.  Since I was knee deep in angels this year, I decided that an angel on the moon, cradling her dolly, would be perfect for our little angel!

Thea welcomed a new baby sister, Amelia Michelle, on November 1. I wanted Millie’s stocking to coordinate with Thea’s stocking and yet have its own personality.  Welcome to our family Millie!

All five of these patterns are available in our Christmas stocking shop, and are really fun to make! You’d still have time before Christmas. . .

Thanks for stopping by to see our new Christmas stockings! Do you have a favorite? Have we (somehow) missed your favorite? Leave a comment- it makes our day!

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan