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Quick Quilted Christmas Gifts, Part 1

Christmas is just around the corner!  Rowdy (shown above) is all dressed up and excited to help me get ready, with his Santa hat and reindeer antlers.  I can’t believe how quickly the time passes between July and November.  In spite of my well-meant plans, the time slips away and I’m scrambling to find ideas for handmade Christmas gifts to fill my list.  Shhhh…  Don’t tell!  You don’t want to spoil the surprises!

Idea #1: Make a stocking for the kids to hang by the chimney with care!


Start a Holiday tradition with a one-of-a-kind appliqued Christmas stocking with Santa Elephant applique.  I love this Santa elephant, who looks like he should have cut back a bit on the milk and cookies!  If you want to make a whole set of stockings for the family, just substitute another of our adorable appliques for Santa Elephant.  I made a set of stockings similar to this one for my husband, our two sons, and our family dog several years ago.  We like this stocking pattern because it provides LOTS of room for goodies on Christmas morning.

elephant (3)

To make your stocking, choose your fabric in a variety of colorful Christmas prints.  I used three prints that are mostly green and three that are mostly red, but you can use any color combination that you like.  The fabric yardage requirements are included in the pattern packet.

The first step, after you’ve chosen your fabrics, is to cut a strip of each fabric, and then sew the strips together.  The pieced strips are cut into segments that are re-sewn to make the patchwork “fabric” for the stocking front.  Using your stocking pattern, you’ll cut out one stocking piece, and then add the applique before you sew the rest of the stocking together.

Prepare the applique of your choice, making sure that the colors contrast well with the pieced background.  You’ll want the applique to stand out from the background.  Finish the applique with your favorite method, by machine or by hand if you prefer.  I used a machine blanket stitch with black machine embroidery thread for my stocking.  If you’re making a set of stockings, it would be fun to use a different applique design on each of them.  You can see the rest of our Christmas applique patterns in our pattern shop if you need some inspiration.

Finish the stocking, following the instructions on your pattern.  This stocking is lined with a colorful Christmas print, and the cuff is embellished with small silver jingle bells for festive charm.  The bells will also alert you to the presence of any extra-early stocking snoopers who just can’t wait to have a peek at the loot that Santa brought for them!

Thanks for stopping by today!  We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.  I hope that you’re inspired to create something wonderful for your favorite people, just in time for Christmas!

Happy quilting,