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A Very Special Farm Quilt Wrap Up!

I finally finished the special Farm quilt for our cousin once removed and it is all ready to be sent for their new special bundle of joy!

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As I mentioned when I was first blogging about the work in progress, this quilt is for a sweet baby whose daddy is a farmer.  If you’d like to read more about the farm quilt, you can find my previous posts here: Introduction, Part 2 , Part 3.  I added three new critters on the quilt and they are (drum roll, please) a longhorn cow, a fiesty pony and a new cat!


When we were kids, we had a Brahma bull who let us ride him!  As long as you scratched right behind his hump, he let you stay on his back; however, if you stopped, he went to the lowest part of the pen and bucked you off.  It was fun while it lasted; however, I’m sure mom didn’t appreciate the end result.  Bath time again for Susan!

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Every time I see a horse, I think of my grandfather and his favorite horse, Traveler.  He was a majestic Tennessee Walker and I can still picture grandpa atop his beloved horse, how I miss our grandpa!

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Everyone needs a good barn cat.  They keep down varmints; however, our cat appears to have found a new friend!


What says farm more than a churn dash block?  I chose to use four fabrics for mine instead of the usual three fabrics for a warm and fuzzy offset for the farm.  Put them all together and I am happy with the results!

If you are loving our new Down on the Farm, Remix 2018 quilt pattern, featuring all of our favorite animals, you can make your own happy memories with a handmade farm baby quilt to keep and snuggle under or give it as a gift for a very special someone in your world!  Purchase it here, in our pattern shop!

Farm Remix Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

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