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Easy Craft Project to Share with Friends

Hi Quilting Friends,

Every year at work, the girls and I make an effort to come up with a project that is easy enough for not-so-experienced crafters to join in the fun.  Now what should we choose?  Sharon was looking on the internet and discovered a blog for prairie point star ornaments with a complete tutorial.  Find the tutorial here: Super Mom No Cape!

Usually there are only 3 or 4 of us doing the project, but this year we broke our record and had 7 (actually 8, although she hasn’t fully committed yet, but that’s okay! Christmas is still a couple of weeks away)!  Here’s a group shot … isn’t it sad that we had no fabrics from which to choose for our project?

Ms P and Friends 2

At first we all made Christmas ornaments:



Some of us went a little further!  The girl who  made the ornaments below was certain that she would NEVER be able to make the ornaments because she is not a “seamstress”; however, she didn’t stop at just one!  She made at least 15 ornaments before she decided that she would sew some for a craft fair in which her daughter was participating.  I haven’t heard her final count, but aren’t these lovely?

Folded Star Ornaments A by Ms P and Friends

My fellow quilter / co-worker made some for her grandkids in wonderful kid colors.  Unfortunately, she has already gifted the ornaments, so we can’t share pictures!

I decided that I wanted to decorate my cubicle at work for each season and special holidays, so I had to go shopping (what a hardship) for more fabric!

Here are Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall ornaments:



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Here are my special Holiday ornaments:



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One of the other ladies in our group decided that it would be fun to have her three daughters make ornaments of their own and here is what they made the day after Thanksgiving.

Folded Star Ornaments O by Ms P and Friends

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our prairie point star ornaments.  Please be sure to visit Super Mom No Cape!  if you want to make some of these wonderful ornaments for yourself!

We hope you have fun with these and we recommend that you find friends who want to play and make a crafty day of it!  Happy quilting!


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  1. Hi Susan! What a fun post!! I just love these ornaments. I’m going to check out the link and PIN it for next year. That sounds like a fun thing to start at work! I love the idea of making some with team fabrics, and the Halloween and Fall ones are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing this today!! Happy Happy day to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


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