More UFO Sightings!

Greetings Fellow Quilters,

Yes, the UFO’s are back again!  Just wait until you see the goodies that we’ve unearthed from the top shelf of the quilting closet!  Yikes- there are still quite a few excellent projects awaiting our attention.

As you might recall we set a goal for 2018 to finish one UFO, each, per quarter.  We’ve (mostly) met our goal so far, although Susan was “bad” during the 3rd quarter and didn’t quite finish her project.  (That’s OK- she was busy making some awesome new quilts, which you’ll be seeing soon.)  If you want to see the previous finishes, here are the links:

First quarter UFO finishes

Second quarter UFO finishes

Third quarter UFO finishes

Sharon’s turn first:

I’ve had this “Fons and Porter” magazine since September, 2006.  I bookmarked this pattern when the magazine came in the mail, with every intention of making a beautiful wall hanging as soon as I could find the fabric for it!  I scoured the aisles of vendors at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, scoring this colorful cloth during at least two separate forays through the vendor booths on at least two separate years.  I even purchased the gridded interfacing and the spray-on adhesive that I’d need to put it all together.  And then I put it away, to “age” like a fine wine, until this fall.  

UFO # 4 from Sharon Ms P Designs USA

I don’t know why I waited SO long to make this quilt!  It turned out beautifully, and the instructions were really easy to follow.  Look how gorgeous this is!  Now I need to get it hung up in my home for us to enjoy seeing every day.  I have the perfect spot, where I can see it from my chair while I’m hand-stitching in the evening.  It will go up as soon as the Christmas decorations come down.

Sharon's 2018 UFO #4 Ms P Designs USA

What’s next for me?  Well, I haven’t decided.  But I have lots of options, LOL!  The photos here are (mostly) tops that I’ve pieced and then set aside for “later”.  Some of them are smaller projects, while others are bed-sized.  I’d really like to finish the butterscotch and purple quilt for our bedroom this year, seeing that I’ve had the top pieced for at least 4 years.  I forsee some quilting and binding in my future!

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I’ve been busy with the holidays, plus my day job, and so I haven’t given it much thought yet.  I do know, for sure, that I’ve enjoyed having the goal to finish a few projects this year and I’m looking forward to more fabulous finishes during 2019.

Well, normally it would be Susan’s turn, but she’s been busy again. . .

Susan’s new king-sized quilt for their bed is at least halfway pieced, and she’s finished at least two new quilts that you will see here, eventually.  (Since it is secret sewing, for now, we won’t show a picture yet!)  Who has time for all that, plus a full-time job, planning and executing an excellent birthday surprise party for her favorite sister, prepping for the holidays, AND finishing UFO’s?  Clearly not Susan, or anyone else that we know.  She says that she only has about 4 UFO projects in progress, and several others yet to be started that are all on the back burner.  So, in lieu of a finished quilt photo, here’s a picture of our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Surprise for Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for visiting!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about Sharon’s finally finished project.  What’s next on your project list?  We’d love to hear from you.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan